We are gamers volume 19 – RetroSauce

Today’s guest is one of those people that every community needs. Not only is he a great entertainer, but also he’s a positive, supportive guy to everybody.
Wheter it is his charisma, his sense of humor or his versatility, the guy always puts me in a good mood, and it is a blessing that he chose the gaming community to make himself known and show his love of everything retro.
For the “we are gamers” series, here is Retroooo Sauuuuce!
The floor is yours, my friend…

1. Welcome RetroSauce and many thanks for accepting my invitation. For a starter, please introduce yourself to RGL’s readers.
RetroSauce here. I’ve been playing games since the early 1980s.

2. What was the first video game you ever played?
One of the earliest titles I remember liking was “Facemaker” on the Commodore 64

3. What about the first gaming system you ever owned?
I had a Commodore 64 before the NES came out. Then, that changed everything.

4. Were you an arcade gamer? If you were, what about your favorite titles back in the 80s/90s?
Yes. I wasted way too many quarters in the arcade 😂. I loved Street Fighter 2, Rastan, Rampage, and TMNT.

5. I am going to name a few video game genres: please tell me your favorite retro title for each of them:

a) Adventure – Zelda A Link to the Past (SNES)

b) Platformers – Contra NES, Super Mario World (SNES)

c) Puzzle Games – Dr. Robotniks Mean Bean Machine (SEGA)

d) RPGs – Baten Kaitos NGC, Lost Odyssey (Xbox 360)

e) Racers – Super Mario Kart, F-Zero (SNES)

f) Shooters – Serious Sam, Wolfenstein 3D

g) Sports Games – Any baseball game!

h) Any other games whose genre I did not mention?
I’ve been getting into simulation games lately. Goat Simulator and Powerwash Simulator are both really good.

6. While growing up, what gaming system did you have the most fun with? Are you still a regular gamer?

Little RetroSauce

Little RetroSauce already had good taste…

I had most systems growing up. My favorites back then were definitely the C64 and the NES. Now, I lean more towards Genesis it seems. I am definitely still a regular gamer.

7. What is your relationship with the online gaming world? Do you play online with your friends/family members/random gamers?
I don’t really play online very much

8. What are your finest memories related to video games?
My Aunt got me Mario 3 and Zelda 2 before they came out in the US. Best Christmas presents ever. My friends were super jealous. 😂

9. What prompted you to start a TikTok page?

RetroSauce's TikTok page

RetroSauce’s TikTok page

My wife’s friend showed me the app. I honestly never would’ve guessed it would be something I liked. I’ve been hooked ever since and haven’t missed a day of posting and streaming.

10. What is the goal of RetroSauce?
To make friends, to show people “hidden gem” games, and honestly to make a little money. This is my only job due to medical reasons.

11. Last but not least: any future plans or secret wishes?
Future plans.. I’m still pushing for 10k. My website (retrosauce.net) is also being constantly updated. I want to branch out as much as I can. I also have a few sponsorships.
Secret wishes… It’s not really much of a secret, but I would like to continue making RetroSauce my career. I have merchandise in the works.
Thank you for the great questions!

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