Upgrade your SEGA Dreamcast – quick, simple and cheap GDEMU and Dream PSU

The Dreamcast is an amazing console. Many would say ahead of it’s time. But being disk based, a cheap SD card solution has been a long time coming.

That has all changed in recent years due to the cloning of the GDEMU card by Chinese manufacturers and a GDEMU clone can now cost as little as £35. The replacement of the Dreamcast’s GDROM with a GDEMU can cause air-flow issues inside the console, causing the unit to run much hotter than it was designed to.

The answer to this is a to fit an SD card remote mount kit which restores the original airflow to the console and also either a PICO PSU or Dream PSU which run much cooler than the original built-in PSU, the latter of which I will also be fitting in this video. You can also fit a Noctua Fan but I have so far not felt the need to fit one as the unit now runs sufficiently cool enough.

Check out the video below to find out just how easy this upgrade was.

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