Top Nintendo Wii Games for Christmas 2010

The Christmas season is quickly approaching, and this year many children will have video games on their lists. However, the process of choosing the best Wii games for kids can be overwhelming for many parents, since there are hundreds of choices and dozens more new games being added to the market each week. You can stick to the top 10 Nintendo Wii games and that is always a safe choice but there are so many more options available to suit every taste and every interest.

During the 2010 Christmas season the best Wii games for kids are going to be centralized mostly around sports and popular movies from this year. The top Nintendo Wii games for sports include Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 for young golf fans and Fifa 11 for the football lovers, both released through EA games earlier this year. Both games are available on other platforms but playing on the Wii gives an exciting added dimension and adults can join in the fun too! Another popular sports oriented Wii game, Shaun White Skateboarding, was created and developed by popular Olympic athlete and snowboarder Shaun White and Ubisoft. All three of these top games are great for kids and all suitable for ages 3 and up.

If your child is not interested in sports based games, don’t worry – there are plenty others out there for just about any interest. The box office hit Prince of Persia has been followed with a great game, suitable for ages 14 and up, also released by Ubisoft. Another hit is Disney’s Toy Story 3: The Video Game. It’s just as popular as the movie is and is great for kids of all ages.

If sports and movies still aren’t what you’re looking for when checking out the best Wii games for kids, you still have many options. For dancing fans, Just Dance allows kids and up to three additional friends or family members groove along to 40 popular songs from artists ranging from Rihanna to James Brown. Wii Party and Dance on Broadway are more great choices for kids who love to dance. If you don’t think any of these will grab your the attention of your little gamer, you can’t go wrong with the classic Nintendo character, Super Mario. Popular Nintendo Wii games featuring the family favourite, Super Mario include Mario Kart and Super Mario Galaxy.

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