The best affordable enterprise mobile solution in 2024

The best affordable enterprise mobile solution in 2024

The best affordable enterprise mobile solution in 2024

Mobile computing plays an essential part in most businesses, regardless of size, connecting workers with data and voice. Workplace devices enable fast, on-the-spot decisions, as employees can access critical information promptly, respond to queries and engage in projects regardless of their physical location.

As a result of this convenience, coupled with the sophistication of today’s smartphones and the transition to home-working, many workers now opt to use their personal devices for work. Indeed, a Gartner survey* taken during the pandemic found that 55 per cent of employees used a personally owned smartphone or laptop to perform their duties.

However, employees will use their consumer-grade products for both work and personal use, making them more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. They also rarely meet the same security standards as bespoke workplace devices, creating a risk of non-compliance with cybersecurity policy. Furthermore, consumer mobiles tend to fall short of the requirements necessary for intensive use in a professional setting, and do not come with enterprise-level support when technical problems arise.

Zebra Technologies now offers a solution with its TC22 and TC27 mobile computers, which combine affordability with top-tier features that enhance productivity and workflow efficiency. Unlike typical consumer-grade smartphones, the TC22 and TC27 are purpose-built and drop tested, ensuring durability that lasts for years whether used inside the warehouse or at the mercy of the harshest outdoor elements. They come with liquid and dust resistance to IP68 and IP65 standards, and the display screen and scanner exit window are made from Corning Gorilla Glass for high durability.

Both the TC22 and TC27 are equipped with Wi-Fi 6/6E** connectivity, with the latter boasting 5G, ensuring constant, lightning-fast data transfer and superior voice quality in different working environments. The devices run on a Qualcomm 5430 2.1GHz processor that delivers twice the performance of its predecessors, meaning seamless multitasking across applications and fast response times.

Source: Zebra Technologies

Designed for usability, the TC22 and TC27 have advanced six-inch FHD+ displays that reduce the need for constant scrolling and can be used in bright sunlight. The ergonomic design, nearly 10 per cent thinner than previous models, runs on Android, guaranteeing access to the latest features and updates as well as a familiar interface, with future upgrades to Android 16 supported.

The devices also integrate enterprise-class scanning options that can read high rise shelfing in the warehouse, first-time-every-time barcode capture and support for contactless transactions and cards stored in Apple or Google wallets; features that are quickly becoming essential for merchants. Moreover, users get a built-in advantage at no-cost with Zebra’s Mobility DNA Professional suite, that provides security updates, lifecycle management and analytics that maximise user productivity and protection from cyber threats.

Source: Zebra Technologies

Both devices offer flexible battery choices to match various work patterns. The standard 3800 mAh battery suits full-shift power needs, while the optional extended 5200 mAh battery caters to multi-shift demands. The removable batteries ensures uninterrupted operations without downtime for charging.

Beyond their core features, the TC22 and TC27 offer purpose-built accessories such as single and multi-slot cradles for various charging options, snap-on trigger handles for quicker scanning and wearable arm mounts for hands-free operation. These accessories are tailored to different work environments, from retail to field service.

Zebra has provided mobile computing solutions for all businesses and budgets for the last 50 years. Unlike consumer smartphones, the TC22 and TC27 are designed specifically for workplace use with powerful business features at an affordable price. They are rugged and durable, working to boost worker productivity. To learn more about what the TC22 and TC27 can do for your business, visit the Zebra product site or contact one of the expert team today.


**Mobility DNA Enterprise License is required for Wi-Fi 6E

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