The Arcade Fire Have Invaded the Suburbs

I bought this album thinking it to be a disappointment based on some short articles I read, but no, The Arcade Fire make the macabre addictive again with The Suburbs, released this past August. The Montreal-based musicians have shifted their chilling, lyrically powered lens toward life in suburbia, detailing repressive boredom, listlessness and just what those kids are up to in their signature anthemic sheen.

Front man Win Butler croons: “I know we are the chosen few/But we’re wasted/And that’s why we’re still waiting.” Such tragic romance for white picket fences and a car parked in every driveway.

Yes I know what your thinking “what if it’s the same sound” from there long awaited anticipated sophomore album Neon Bible, No, Win Butler’s anthem-esque “Now I’m ready to start” and RĂ©gine Chassagne takes toll on the accordion, xylophone and hurdy-gurdy. Yes indeed the Arcade Fire is ready to start what they had just finished two years ago.

The Suburbs album cover is quite the mysterious creepy piece, are there two cats? or two seats? in the car. the colors are very fresh and easy on the eyes. The third track “Modern Man” starts out very melodic then explosive while front man Win Butler croons: “Oh I had a dream I was dreaming and I feel I’m losing the feeling”, the rest of the lyrics are quite poetic and pleasing if your waiting at the DMV for several hours, and it ends with “I erase the number of the modern man Want to break the mirror of the modern man”, just as we all thought, welcome to the suburbs.’

Original Article by Oscar Mathias