Former BioWare and Ubisoft Devs Reveal New Game Eternal Strands

Former BioWare and Ubisoft Devs Reveal New Game Eternal Strands

Yellow Brick Games recently revealed its upcoming action-adventure game, Eternal Strands. Created by former BioWare and Ubisoft developers, it will see players battling colossal monsters in a vibrant epic fantasy world.

Fantasy action game Eternal Strands coming to PS5, Xbox, and PC

Eternal Strands players take control of Brynn, a magical warrior searching for the Enclave, a lost center of magical wonders. Brynn will trek across vast wilderness and crumbling ruins in search of forgotten treasures, battling foes with swords and magic. The game also boasts destructible environments and the ability for players to climb any vertical surface.

IGN describes the game as drawing inspiration from Shadow of the Colossus, Monster Hunter, and Tears of the Kingdom. This shines through in the Eternal Strands announcement trailer, which opens with Brynn battling a giant golem-like creature. After the beast throws her across the arena, she dodges a blow from its hammer before clambering into its massive frame. The battle also showcased Brynn’s telekinetic powers as she launches debris at the golem before hurling herself skyward for an aerial attack.

The trailer goes on to show Brynn using different weapons and powers against various enemies. Eternal Strands players can use Brynn’s ice magic to freeze enemies or create bridges over gaps in the terrain. We also get a glimpse of some fire-based melee attacks. While not clearly shown in the trailer, Yellow Brick says players can use Brynn’s fire magic to ignite plants and clear obstacles. Eternal Strands players can also combine her abilities, such as setting a log on fire before telekinetically launching it at enemies.

Founded in 2020, Yellow Brick describes itself as “industry veterans wanting to make the process of game creation as fun and meaningful as the final result.” Spearheading the studio is former BioWare developer Mike Laidlaw, best known for his work on the Dragon Age series. Yellow Brick hasn’t announced Eternal Strand’s release date yet, but the game is on its way to PS5, Series X/S, and PC.

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