Beloved Tekken 8 character arrives, but brings trouble with them

Beloved Tekken 8 character arrives, but brings trouble with them

A few months after launch, Tekken 8 has received its first DLC character in Eddy Gordo, a fan-favourite veteran terrifyingly proficient in the Afro-Brazilian martial art of capoeira. Eddy looks to be just as flashy and versatile as ever, manoeuvring around attacks and transitioning into a variety of tricky stances to keep his opponent guessing, ready to launch powerful counter attacks at any moment. All this, while maintaining a graceful dancing form. It’s still too early to place him anywhere on a tier list, but he’s already one of the game’s prettiest characters to watch in action.

Elsewhere in the patch, Tekken 8 was updated with a few new features such as the ability to terminate an online match if the connection is poor, which is a welcome addition to any fighting game player who’s suffered a 1-bar connection match in ranked with no way to escape it.

This update also introduced the Tekken Fight Pass, a battle pass system similar to Street Fighter 6’s own Fighting Pass, with standard and premium versions of the Pass offering slightly different cosmetic rewards.

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While the patch notes state their intention to correct unintended move behaviour, this patch has changed a few properties to moves that make certain combos more inconsistent and break some characters’ standard wall combos. This is due to a change to Tornado moves that makes opponents interact differently with the wall, requiring completely new combo routes to be created thanks to the change.

This update has also introduced a bug that leads to issues with Rage Arts – if a player inputs certain grab moves during the startup of an opponent’s Rage Art, the player can move freely during startup and avoid the Rage Art entirely.

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