First 4 Figures Shines With New Pokémon Venusaur Statue

First 4 Figures Shines With New Pokémon Venusaur Statue

First 4 Figures have unveiled a new, highly detailed lamp based on the Pokémon Green’s mascot and cover star, Venusaur.

This new Venusaur Charging Light Figure, to give the lamp its official moniker, is a collaboration between First 4 Figures and Pokémon Centre, who designed the exclusive collectible.

Complete with puffs of purple toxic gas that light up with LEDs that Pokémon Centre say delivers a ‘warm, beautiful glow’, Venusaur might not be the brightest light in your home, but it’s potentially the most unique.

Pokémon Venusaur lamp front views

Each Venusaur Charging Light Figure is also uniquely identifiable with individually hand-marked numbers and limited to just 1050 units and available exclusively for Pokémon (or lamp) fans in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Of course, limited collectibles like this often roll with their own premium price tag and the Pokémon Venusaur lamp is no different, retailing at $299.99.

Voluptuous Venusaur

Pokémon Venusaur lamp side view

The Venusaur Charging Light Figure is pleasingly grand, standing approximately 7 ¾ inches tall by 10 inches wide and 9 inches deep. It’s also no slouch in the weight department, tipping the scales at a solid 2.7kg, meaning it’s unlikely to topple over if you decide to throw a Pokéball at it (which I don’t recommend).

While it’s unlikely to illuminate an entire room, Pokémon Centre’s design is fetching and cleverly incorporates a larger light into Venusaur’s white spotted flower on its back. Users can toggle the light-up effects using a discrete button and Venusaur’s luminescence is powered from a hidden USB port.

It’s been a day for light-up collectibles based on retro video games today, with a new Master Chief Statue announced to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Halo 2 also revealed by Dark Horse earlier.

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