Top 10 Things to Do in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada is a high-rolling city full of bright lights and double downs. It is the gambling capital of the United States, but there is also much more to do in Las Vegas. The city is full of attractions and events the will delight and entertain the whole family.

1. Lied Discovery Museum is one of the top museums in Las Vegas and is a great place for kids of all ages to spend the day. If is filled with wonderful hands-on activities and interactive exhibits.

2. The Strip is a site to behold – even if you don’t plan on gambling while you are in Las Vegas.

3. The Bellagio offers an amazing light show in the fountains in front of the hotel. Inside the hotel you will discover the Gallery of Fine Art which houses a number of exhibits.

4. Circus Circus is the home of the Adventuredome – 5 1/2 acres of indoor amusement park including the Sling Shot (which shoots you toward the ceiling at 4 G’s).

5. The Silverton Hotel is where you will find the Aquarium. Not only can you watch the fish feeding, but there is also a mermaid show.

6. GameWorks comes from the mind of Steven Spielberg. It houses every game you could imagine (and some you haven’t even thought about). There are old school games, like pinball and Galaga, and high-tech creations that let you race in the Indy 500.

7. The Las Vegas Art Museum offers examples of modern and contemporary art exhibits.

8. The Las Vegas Natural History Museum has five different galleries, hands-on exhibits and much, much more.

9. M&M’s World Review is four flours of chocolate delight – from the rainbow wall on the second floor to the characters timeline along the walls of the escalator.

10. You can’t leave Las Vegas without taking in one of the numerous live shows and performances that are offered throughout the city on any given night.

Original Article by Harry Chauhan