Unstoppable Domains promises not to sue over .wallet – Domain Name Wire

Unstoppable Domains promises not to sue over .wallet – Domain Name Wire

But the Handshake .wallet owner wants to press his case.

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A long-running dispute between Unstoppable Domains and the owner of .wallet in the Handshake protocol has taken a strange twist.

The controversy started when Scott Florsck began selling domains under his .wallet Handshake domain name. Unstoppable Domains has its own .wallet extension.

After a series of lawsuits, there’s one remaining claim: Florsck is asking for declaratory judgment that he’s not violating any of Unstoppable Domains’ trademarks by selling .wallet domains.

Recently, Unstoppable Domains issued a covenant not to sue Florsck for IP issues on .wallet. It also agreed to extend this to registries, registrars, and registrants.

In court documents filed yesterday, Unstoppable Domains asked for Scott Florsck’s lawsuit to be dismissed because it says the covenant negates the controversy.

Florsck, however, wants to continue the case.

I suspect some of his desire is for precedent, which could help the Handshake ecosystem in future disputes with Unstoppable Domains.

Namecheap, a big supporter of Handshake, is covering Florsck’s legal expenses.

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