The streamers have discovered Content Warning, and it’s blowing up

The streamers have discovered Content Warning, and it’s blowing up

Did you grab a copy of Content Warning earlier this week? Well, it seems a lot of people did, because the hilarious new co-op horror game is seeing a huge influx of players – many likely drawn in after seeing some of the most popular streamers try it out.

Content Warning launched April 1, and was free to keep for its first 24 hours. Before that first day was over, it peaked at over 200,000 concurrent players. Today’s peak was just over 100,000, which is still a stupendous number of players for an indie.

Now that big-name influencers have jumped in, though, it’s likely that the goofy little co-op horror game will see more big peaks. CohhCarnage, Ezekiel_III, and Dansgaming have been playing it together on Twitch, while Félix “xQc” Lengyel has been jumping in over on Kick.

It’s hardly a surprise, especially considering the runaway success of the similarly structured Lethal Company. While Content Warning does share some basic ideas with Lethal Company, it also has its own goofball charm – and there’s something extra funny about watching established streamers running into the dark to film themselves being scared in a game.

Perhaps even better, you then get to watch the streamers watch their own uploaded video on SpöökTube, and laugh at them laughing at themselves. It’s delightfully meta.

Check out the Content Warning system requirements if you want to be sure you can run it – but don’t worry, it’s not going to demand much from your hardware, it’s your nervous system you need to worry more about. Be sure to check out our list of the best co-op games on PC, too.

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