Sony PSP Minis, also known simply as PSP Minis, are a category of small, compact games designed specifically for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld gaming console. These games were introduced as part of a digital-only initiative to provide quick and accessible gaming experiences on the PSP. Here are some key points about PSP Minis:

1. Digital-Only Format: PSP Minis were distributed exclusively through digital download on the PlayStation Network (PSN). Players could browse and purchase these games directly from the PSP or through the PlayStation Store on a computer.

2. Small File Sizes: One of the defining features of PSP Minis was their small file size, typically under 100MB. The compact size allowed players to download and install games quickly, even with limited storage space on their PSP memory cards.

3. Pick-Up-and-Play Games: PSP Minis were designed to offer simple, pick-up-and-play experiences that could be enjoyed in short bursts. These games often featured straightforward gameplay mechanics and were suitable for on-the-go gaming.

4. Diverse Game Genres: The PSP Minis library encompassed various game genres, including puzzles, arcade-style games, platformers, shooters, and more. This diversity aimed to cater to a wide range of gaming preferences.

5. Budget-Friendly Pricing: PSP Minis were generally priced at a lower cost compared to full-sized PSP games. The affordable price point made them an attractive option for players looking for budget-friendly gaming experiences.

6. Independent Developers: PSP Minis offered a platform for independent game developers to showcase their creations on the PSP. The digital distribution model allowed smaller studios and developers to reach a wider audience without the need for physical distribution.

7. Compatibility: PSP Minis were compatible with both the original PSP and the PSP Go, which was a version of the handheld console without a UMD drive.

Despite being a unique and budget-friendly gaming option, PSP Minis did not achieve the same level of popularity and recognition as full-sized PSP games. However, they contributed to the digital distribution landscape and provided a diverse selection of games for PSP owners to enjoy. Some of the PSP Minis titles have become hidden gems for retro gaming enthusiasts, offering simple yet enjoyable gaming experiences on the PlayStation Portable.