Sonic The Hedgehog – The Official Game of Speed

The future of interactive gaming is driven by sound compression innovation, spatialization, broadband internet connection and the virtual rich experience of live music. Sonic the Hedgehog was categorized in the action/ adventure genre. The game was developed by Ugi Naka at Sega in Japan. Its definitive impression focuses on speed. Sonic moves too quickly. The players sometimes find self not able to perceived its environment. Playing it will, most of the time, makes you feel dizzy. The video game was released in 1991 which was like an overnight success. Sonic first became popular in the United Kingdom then United States. The like an example of a reverse import, its popularity spread back to Japan. Sega claimed that this game alone was responsible for moving millions of systems among the general community. Sonic the Hedgehog sales exceeded those of Mario and Nintendo and it is turning 17 this year. Its characters were associated from film and literatures. Sonic the Hedgehog was identified as a contemporary icon which made it so popular and successful.

The blue Hedgehog description

He moves in dashing and rolling. Actually it was all basic movements and interactions like walk, run, jump and attack. Sega Sonic fights in a different style. It involves rescue and protecting measures. It is nor just plain termination of virtual lives. Every one wants to be a hero sometimes even in a virtual game. This just gave players the satisfaction of becoming one. Well Sonic the Hedgehog does not like being idle too. When left unattended for a few seconds, it taps the screen hopefully to get back the player’s attention. He will definitely stand up and look at you while tapping his foot. The game was indeed a high speed action platformer. As we all know platform games like Sonic influenced players to use their skills to be able to cunningly move through various levels which involve a fair bit of action. He’s fuzzy, he’s funny and he does have an attitude.

The emotional impact of playing Sonic

A good game knows what the players are thinking and looks over their shoulders every step of the way. The designer’s craft made players feel like they are in control. The emotional experience was significantly sculpted as the game progresses. The trick was made by giving players the confidence that they have all the resources needed to meet those challenges. Then the challenges were sent to confront the players. The idea is to make them feel they have the ability to run with great speed, shoot bull’s eye, jump higher and feeling smart while in control. The space, the character and the soundtrack makes you every bit of yourself feels invincible. Everything in the game gives you a good sense of effortless control. Any will get hooked with this high speed game and noting else seemed to matter after that. You will be amazed how far technology and fun can possibly indulge people to playing Sonic.

Press start to play Sonic

Grab the controls and start running as fast as you can from loop to loop. Collect gold coins with that good burst of speed. Then aim to send all obstacles scattering. The task is very simple. The only thing that you have to learn to do well is covering speed. You run, you jump, collect goodies and you avoid the bad ones. Simple instruction for a super speed Sonic: press space bar to jump and use the left or right arrow keys to move around. For the great spindash or spin and jump, just hold the arrow key and press the space bar. Be sure to cut your fingernails first just to make sure you’re not breaking any when you start to play the Sonic. And never hit any obstacles while running. You are only allowed to hit it while you are spinning.

How did Sonic the Hedgehog cover his speed in terms of actual gross sales?

Video games could make you millions in a day better and bigger than movies. The pie chart shows that Sega has penetrated 45% US and 66% of the European market. Sonic was listed as one of Sega’s biggest achievement. Records showed that Sonic the Hedgehog had estimated revenue of $893,654 out of the estimated 178,731 units sold from approximately 96 games tracked as of 07/11/07.

Original Article by Travis Ludlow