Retro Gaming Discussion – Q-Bert 3

Q-Bert is a character that people have heard of, but he didn’t enjoy the fanfare that characters like Mario and Sonic have. But he stood out and avoided being just another face in the crowd and was pretty successful in the arcades. But in this discussion, I will be talking about Q*Bert 3, the game on Super Nintendo.

This game is a puzzle game with a pretty interesting concept. You take the titular character, Q*Bert and have him jump around on blocks that change color as you step on them. In order to move on, you basically have to change all of the blocks to a certain color. But as the game goes on, that is easier said than done. In the first part of the game it’s very simple, but you will eventually have blocks that you will have to step on twice to get to the certain color. Later on, blocks that you changed from one color to another will change back to the original color if you step on them again, thus making the challenge much harder.

As if the challenges weren’t enough, you have enemies that try and thwart your attempt at block jumping. Enemies range from snakes, frogs, small and weird creatures, among other enemies. You also have bombs that fall which you must avoid. Some enemies just go all over the place while others are like homing missiles that you will have to be on the lookout for. You’ll also have to watch your step, because falling off the stage will cost you.

The game play is addicting. And that is coming from a person that isn’t all that interested in puzzle games (though I have played some). The later challenges will keep you on the ropes, and the block jumping is always cool. The music in this game isn’t the best in the world, but it fits the happy go lucky theme of the game. Sound effects do their job as well.

I think Q-Bert 3 is a game that is worthy for your arsenal. It does its job well as a puzzle game, and the block jumping is always fun. My brother and I actually stayed up all night one time to play this because we wanted to keep ourselves entertained. This is a great game.

Original Article by Steven Pruitt