HyperSpin 88GB 18 Systems Arcade Pinball




– Works from any path (disk unit / folder). Can be installed on internal hard drive, external drive or pendrive.

– Easy configuration.

– Can be used to build your own arcade machine or on any kind of PC.

– Practical installer that leaves everything ready to play instantly.


– Includes images and videos of all the games.

– Compatible with keyboard and any kind of USB joystick (generic, XBOX 360, XBOX One, PS3, PS4, etc).

– Runs on Windows 7 and above.

– Works on low resources PCs.

– Games are displayed full screen.

– Want to have your favorite games at hand? Allows to add them to favorites.


¿How will I receive the games?
Installation instructions and links are sent to your email address.

¿Is it hard to install?
No, in a few minutes you’ll have everything configured and ready to go.

¿Are instructions included?
Yes, simple and detailed instructions are included.

¿Do you bring support?
Yes, we provide support via email, Whatsapp or remote access.


– MAME (arcade), 12866 games.

– AAE (Another Arcade Emulator), 36 games.

– Atari 2600, 597 games.

– Atari 5200, 72 games.

– Atari 7800, 58 games.

– Atari Jaguar, 31 games.

– Atari Lynx, 74 games.

– Bandai WonderSwan, 107 games.

– Casio PV-1000, 5 games.

– Colecovision, 155 games.

– Nintendo Gameboy, 532 games.

– Nintendo Gameboy Color, 527 games.

– Nintendo Entertainment System, 906 games.

– Sega Master System, 280 games.

– Sega Model 2, 33 games.

– SNK Neo Geo Pocket, 9 games.

– Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 21 games.