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Recently I received some amazing pins from a company called Power Up Pins who create their own uniquely design enamel and engraved pins around gaming, geek and popular culture. I don’t often collect this sort of thing, but on a trip to Disney World in Florida a few years ago I got pretty hooked on their designs based on classic characters and rides. Since then I kind of caught the bug and as I was really impressed with these, I thought I’d do a review.

Disclaimer: I’m not sure if I need to put one of these, but for transparency; I have not been paid, sponsored or endorsed by Power Up Pins to do this review. All thoughts and opinions here are my own and not influenced by the company and/or it’s affiliates in any way.

Power Up Pins Selection

The first pins that really stood out to me were the pink and green kind of “his and hers” skulls with headsets and the various game controllers. So far they have focused on Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation, but I have been told they will cover Sega in the future as I’ve been bugging them for a while to do these. As soon as they make those (hopefully Master System, Mega Drive, Sega Saturn and Dreamcast controllers, plus the Game Gear and possibly even a Dreamcast VMU), I will certainly be wanting to add those to my collection.

The company is still fairly new, so they are adding new designs on a regular basis (it seems to be monthly at the moment), plus since getting my pins, they’ve added an awesome arcade cabinet that I really want. It’s probably worth mentioning that they have also started doing patches, stickers and other jewellery based on their designs, plus different types of pins too, but as you can tell gaming is where I’m at with most things! If they cover super hero stuff in the future though, I may be tempted.

More Power Up Pins Examples

In terms of quality, I was really impressed! I have quite an eye for detail which puts me off buying a lot of POP! Vinyl Funko figures online as I hate it when paint spills over or seeing weird marks that should be there. With Power Up Pins, each one that was painted had no over-spill, no weird markings, chips or scratches. The engraved ones were also nicely polished with no defects or sharp edges. I really appreciated the level of quality with these. They came exactly how the appeared on the website.

At time of writing, the pins sell for £6 each with free 1st class (signed for) shipping on orders over £15 for the UK, with additional options for Europe and Worldwide. I would feel more comfortable at a £5 each price point, but that’s just a personal thing as ideally I like to own quite a few pins as a set rather than just owning a select few. The shipping offer certainly helps.

More of my Power Up Pins

If you’re looking to get someone a gift that’s a bit different, I think these pins are pretty cool for anyone into gaming, similar to the mini console keyrings, pads, etc. I think once they offer more variety in terms of Sega styles too, I’d like to incorporate them in my Patreon rewards for those who support my YouTube channel and website, or random giveaways (maybe in a retro “Sega vs Nintendo” themed event).

I love the art style/design of these and I look forward to seeing what else they do in the future! If you’re interested in seeing more of what Power Up Pins have to offer, check out their website at www.poweruppins.com or @PowerUpPins on twitter.

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