Pick-Ups – Boxed Japanese Sega Mega Drive

Just too beautify to pass up!

For a long time now it’s been a rare occurrence to find Japanese Mega Drive stuff out in the wild. So when I found this boxed Mega Drive console it was a genuine surprise. I wasn’t planning on buying what would be my third Mega Drive but after holding it for just a few minutes there was already an unbreakable bond. I offer Retro Quest $40 CAD (~$30 USD) and they were willing. It’s missing the power brick and video cable but I’ll find them eventually.

The condition is not perfect but it’s pretty good and it’s hard to argue with the price. If you’re local to Toronto (GTA) be sure to visit Retro Quest. I have purchased a lot of great retro gaming stuff from them over the years. It’s a great store with great people!

Initially I thought this was going to be an easy pass because in 2014 I purchased a really great condition Mega Drive (pictured below) at the VGCC Game Swap for $65 CAD (~$47 USD). However, since these two Mega Drives have different packaging they both feel like good additions to the collection.

Below is my loose Model 2 Mega Drive that cost me about $30 CAD (~$22 USD) in the same year (2014) as the model 2 above. Even though they’re not pictured I do have power and video cables for this Model 2; just no box.

Believe it or not I purchased this model 2 Mega Drive in a bundle that included the very elusive game Eliminate Down. Click here for those details. The short answer is I scored Eliminate Down for about $80 CAD in 2014 (~$70 USD).

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