Organic Fertilizer – Compost – Danger in the Vegetable Garden Vol 3

The Danger that is the Manure Controversy

Hello my wonderful gardening chums, it’s Beatrix Potts your, “Organic Gardening Maven.” Our subject matter today is controversial and there are a variety of opinions. As Beatrix has reminded you, bad information about your organic fertilizer is just as dangerous as cutworms. We are here to set the record straight.

Many people have a misunderstanding about some of the things you can put into your organic gardening compost. Coffee grounds, teabags or even loose tea, and eggshells are quite acceptable to put into your organic compost. Beatrix has reminded you that these items are absolutely stellar in your compost, as long as you make them into very small bits. And the way to do that is to put them through a food processor. These items contained tremendous levels of nitrogen, and as you know nitrogen is one of the key elements that will feed our organic vegetables and make the ground absolutely fantastic for our organic gardening.

Some say that adding manure to your organic gardening compost is a positive. Beatrix has to disagree with this, as you well know and we have reminded you that there is a very real danger when putting raw manure into your organic gardening compost . You may be introducing  undigested weed seeds into your organic garden, and this is just totally unacceptable.

When you can find manure that has been rendered inert and any weed seedlings in it have been rendered sterile then it might be acceptable to use this material. One thing you should keep in mind is if the seedlings have been rendered sterile than the rest of the manure is also probably inert, and that means there’s really not much alive and thriving and very little nutrient within this particular organic material.

Why Oh why would one think for a minute that it would be productive to plant weed seeds in our organic vegetable garden? As you well know Beatrix has a terrible vengeance concerning weeds. They are the parasites of the organic vegetable garden, with the possible exception of dandelions that can be made into wine they have very little use whatsoever. And even though some gardeners will tell you that pulling weeds and throwing them in your organic gardening compost is a positive thing to do, Beatrix would ask you, have they gone to seed yet? For if they have, once again you’re simply adding these nasty little weed seeds into your wonderful organic compost.

Some so-called organic compost experts will tell you that the heat from your compost will render any of these weed seeds infertile. That has not been our experience in the past and to save you the heartache of seeing your wonderful vegetables choked and assaulted by vicious weeds we urge you to think twice about adding raw manure to your organic garden fertilizer. You have been warned. (Beatrix apologizes for her stern tone and urges you to understand her loathing for these organic vegetable garden invaders.)

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