Online Video Marketing – Video is the Future Because Generation X’ers Are Growing Up

You are going to see video used more and more for marketing.

The year internet sold for a billion dollars was the same year I predicted in the December before  that the following year would be the year of video. Now, video will become an ever- increasing part of online marketing.


Because the younger generations that are quickly gaining purchasing power are used to it. Gen X’ers are now 27 and 28 years old.  They grew up on video games. They are used to video.

In the old days, you had to pay massive hosting fees or you had to host video on a dedicated server that caused some problems with larger numbers of people watching the video at the same time. 

Most people have not figured out how to use it yet. But they will.

For example, I had to do a lot of research to figure out how to use a player to play video so I did not have to pay $30 a month for a service that did it for me. I did figure that out. But it was not easy.  Anyway, video now streams like a champ.  In fact, I am shocked at how well video plays online.

One of my mentors actually dumped TV because now they just watch all their TV shows. You can also watch sporting events online instead of on TV and they look great!  Just as good as on TV.

It is a new day as far as video is concerned.  This is not two years ago!

Fact is, 14-year-old on internet are making their own videos that look pro and would absolutely blow you away.  Combine that fact with this….

And make no mistake, even though your guru of choice

Here are a few ways to use video:

*  Video testimonials are smoking hot

*  Video introductions to your sales letter can work

*  Video squeeze pages with success

*  Email to video is going to be used more an more.

So you send an email that gets people to watch a short video.  Keep your videos under 10 minutes. This is a hard-to-follow rule and I usually break it.

*  Video sales presentations work great

While text sales letters still outpull video, video is faster and appeals to a younger demographic.

Use Green Screen abilities. A whole lot of the fun stuff you can do is made possible by composing with green screens. That means you shoot video against a green screen and then replace the green part with a photo or other video footage. A lot of your big movies nowadays use green screen. The SECRET of great green screens is lighting the  green screen evenly. I have seen people do good green screen using cheapo fabric from the store or green poster board stuck on a wall. The lighting is much more important than the fabric. Some people set up a little studio in their garage and use “work lights” to light the green screen. It is amazing what you can do on the cheap if you have  ingenuity.

Lower thirds. You know how on news shows you see this little transparent block zip on the screen with text in it

giving the name of the news anchor and their position? Those little blocks are called lower thirds.  They are

always transparent.  You will see them a lot on sporting events also. Some programs have really nice lower thirds built into  them.  Some do not.

Motion backgrounds. Some programs come with motion backgrounds you can drop in for a title or in place of your green screen.

Masking abilities. So you can take your video and mask out the outline of your body.  Then put in funky colors and make it look like you are getting beamed up like on Startrek. How cool is that?

Support. Your lower end programs do not offer much in the way of support.  So you will need to look for user groups that support them.

This is where your higher end programs excel. There is more support, more user groups, more plugins, more

resources. More of everything. But you will need that support because there is more of a learning curve.

How to Choose

Now, in general, the main criteria are as follows:

1.  How fast a learner are you? If you are not tech savvy, go for a simple, low-end program.  Max out its abilities.  Then look at a step up.

2.  Are you tech savvy? If you are tech savvy, you can easily handle software.

3.  What is your budget? If you are on a skinny rabbit budget, go low end.

4.  How professional do you want to look? The more expensive programs have better titling effects, and better masking and green screen abilities.

But listen, using just a cheapo green screen and work lights, you can do mind blowing video using an program.

A lot comes down to how resourceful or you are or choose to be.

Video is the future because the Gen X’ers are growing up. 

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