Next Generation Game Consoles: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii

You probably spend the majority of the time playing either your Xbox, Nintendo or PlayStation, or perhaps a little bit of each depending on which console you own. Have you ever asked yourself what is going to be next, I know I have, as they say curiosity killed that cat, but sometimes it’s good to know what is coming out next in technology.

Let’s start off with the Xbox 360, the next generation console or at least the pet name for now is the Xbox 720. The new features will include improved processors and parts, the console will also be completely redesigned, the release date is expected to be sometime in 2011, probably a few months before Christmas to improve sales. The release prices is expected to be around $600.00 USD.

The infamous Nintendo Wii is expected to be released with the next gaming console possible going to be called the Nintendo Gamesphere, although the pet name for now is just the “Nintendo Wii 2”. We can expect to see the same type of gameplay which involves physical movement, the designers are going to be more elaborate on getting the players involved. Once again we will see a new design and more features, the release price is expected to be somewhere around $350.00 USD.

PlayStation 3 to… PlayStation 4, that is really a no brainer. The Xbox and PlayStation have always been top competitors for the gaming consoles, we will definitely see the competition heat up with the next consoles coming out this year. The expected release price for the PlayStation 4 is somewhere around $550.00.

Original Article by Levi Pulkrabek