New Xbox “Sebile” Controller Revealed Amidst Latest Leak

The Xbox rumor mill has been in full production for the past 24 hours. Among all of the leaks, a new Xbox “Sebile” Controller concept is what interested us the most.

Today’s rumors are yet another part of leaked court documents related the FTC’s investigation into the troublesome Activision Blizzard acquisition.

An Xbox X/S refresh codenamed “Brooklin” was revealed, as well as the concept images for a new Xbox X/S controller codenamed “Sebile”.

And if the leaked concept art is anything to go off of, we are certainly feeling quite enticed by its alluring beauty.

Xbox “Sebile” Controller

Xbox Sebile Controller

Upon first glance, the Xbox “Sebile” Controller is actually quite similar to the current “Merlin” model. Aside from that beautiful two tone colorway, of course.

But the leaked diagram gives us an indication of the many improvements we should expect from what Xbox is calling “The world’s best controller”.

Like Sony’s DualSense controllers, the new Xbox Sebile will make use of haptic feedback.

There is even mention of VCA haptics that also double as speakers. Which suggests that this controller will give you some pretty intense feedback during game play.

The Sebile controller will feature modular thumbsticks, an accelerometer, gyro support, Bluetooth 5.2, and quieter buttons.

The mention of “Repair and disassembly” suggests that Xbox has considered the experience of those who may need to open their controller up for repairs and making that experience a little easier.

The battery is both rechargeable and swappable. Which seems to be the direction that tech is moving, as many modern devices become useless once their internal batteries lose the ability to recharge.

The expected retail price for the Xbox Sebile Controller is $69.99USD, which sounds standard for a current generation peripheral.

Early Impressions

The Merlin Xbox Controllers for the Xbox Series X/S are actually some of the best controllers we’ve ever held in our hands.

Microsoft has always been pretty good at designing a really functional and comfortable controller.

So we anticipate this updated iteration of the Xbox Series X/S controllers to be even better.

We recently compiled a list of the best controllers for Windows handhelds, with the Xbox Core Controller making an appearance.

We’re expecting the new Sebile controller to knock that one off the list soon.

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