Mystery Case Files – MillionHeir by Nintendo DS – A Video Game Review

Mystery Case Files – MillionHeir by Nintendo DS is a hide-and-seek kind of game in which you are a sort of detective looking for hidden objects in a certain location, in order to help you find a missing person. These objects will be difficult to find because they blend in too well with their surroundings, they are partially hidden from view, and for a variety of other reasons that will keep you thinking.

The game makes full use of the dual screen capabilities of the gaming console, so you’ll be provided with unique and exciting gameplay. Nevertheless, it will not be too complicated as to turn-off casual gamers. After all, Nintendo is all about casual gaming. There will be lots of time for you to look for the hidden items, and plenty of helpful tips to aid you in case you get stuck somewhere in the game.

Aside from searching for hidden objects and pieces of evidence, there are plenty of mini games integrated into the mission, so you will be kept on excited and on your toes at all times. Aside from the gameplay, the graphics and sound effects of this game are extremely good. This is one of the few games that stretch the capabilities of the Nintendo DS gaming console to its limit.

If you are in the mood for solving a mystery, and putting your detective skills to a fun test, or if you want to buy a gift for somebody who does, then you should buy yourself a copy of Mystery Case Files – MillionHeir by Nintendo DS.

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