Minigore 2: Zombies – Time to Get Bloody

Leaping out from the shadows where Minigore left off, this sequel is a never ending gore fest that delivers hours of fun for all the family (except maybe the little ones).

When you get out into the world, there are little Zombies everywhere. You do not have to go looking for them-they find you, from all directions! But do not fear, because you have seemingly endless energy to unleash fierce chops with your axe, slicing through zombie flesh with your sword, cracking some heads with your sledgehammer or mowing them down with your machine gun.

The on-screen appearance is glossy, colorful and above all, bloody… In the bottom-left of the iPad display is a blue joystick that lets you move around the map. On the bottom right is the red weapon controller where you point in the direction of fire and your character turns to continue firing in that direction.

There is also an auto firing option which will make the task easier for younger kids who just want to run around causing Zombie mayhem without having to think about which way they must turn to fire, slice or chop at a Zombie. The controls come pretty naturally and are very fast to get used to.

You have many weapons to use when doing the world a favor by killing the Zombies. There is a machine gun, a machete, a shotgun, swords, axes, sledgehammers and some grenades for some widespread mayhem making. There is also the shop to buy more advanced items.

The shop can be selected at any time during gameplay. You are able to buy everything from better weapons to special abilities and access to new maps. Some buying options are not available until you have reached a certain level of gameplay on an existing map, using a specific type of weapon. There are 300 different aspects within the game, so there are many things that can be unlocked as you go along and the game is endlessly replayable to go about completing all parts of this large game. There are also some items in the shop that are free, so you do not need to rack up a big score to go on a buying fest. Here is a list of the things you can buy or upgrade.

Along the way you can pick up weapons or buy new ones. If you buy access to a new map, you switch to that map automatically. You can choose whether to buy your way through the game with upgrades or play your way through the game picking up items in the world as you go along.

Progressing through each level while collecting tokens is great fun. The Grim Reaper or a big boss will appear either during a level or at the very end of one. When switching to a new map, different characters appear which adds to the game playing variation. The maps are colorful, the action is fast moving and above all, playing Minigore 2: Zombies is just so much fun. This one just might be in the running for Game of the Year.

Achievements: 1

Points: 50

Minogore 2: Zombies Achievements

Original Article by Gary L Darling