Mimana Iyar Chronicle – Game Review (PSP Game)

Mimana Iyar Chronicle is a RPG that is very easy to play, refreshing, and does not require hard work to complete. so, this game is perfect for anyone who wants to play RPG games are mild. Paragraph below is the result of my review.

Iyar Chronicle Mimana storyline is not bad, though brief but very good. The element of romance is quite interesting though not easy to understand. Mimana Iyar Chronicle tells of a young man who is experiencing frustration because it failed to protect his sister from an enemy attack. After a while, he worked for a guild and was hired by a young woman who invited him to become bodyguards and accompanied him in search for 7 pieces gems. In the course of this young man met many women who would be their partner in fulfilling the mission. Because the incidence of youth who have experienced it (failing to protect her younger sister), the young man has a strange temperament, though I think it’s a bit forced. On the way, they were thwarted by a villain who recognize the young man who turns out to be people who attacked the village youth and cause his sister was killed. And it turns out that mission has strong ties with these youth.

Mimana Iyar Chronicle game play is also not difficult. very lightweight and easy to understand, if you ever play the game Tales of Phantasia course you will feel the same, although in the form of three-dimensional area. So no doubt if Mimana Iyar Chronicle game play is interesting enough to be played.

Some shortcomings of Iyar Chronicle Mimana are graphic images that are less good, the price of the item is quite expensive if you ask me, every hero weapons can not be replaced, and I think that most perceived lack of encounter rate is very high. unless the deficiencies I mentioned above are all quite good.

Regarding not all ages can play this game is because in this game there is a scene half-naked, well if it is not a problem in your country means you can play it.

Original Article by Johan Suparto