Metal Shell Retroid Pocket 2S Is Coming Soon From GoRetroid!

GoRetroid has just announced a metal shell version of the Retroid Pocket 2S, just like the fans have been begging for.

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest handheld news, then you know that it is a very good time to be into metal shells.

The guys who work with GKD on their metal shells are currently working on a shell replacement for the Analogue Pocket.

And it was just a week ago we wrote about a new option for a fan-made metal shell for the Retroid Pocket 2. And in that article we expressed our hopes to see a metal shell for the RP2S.

Well, it would seem that GoRetroid themselves have been hearing all of the talk of metal shells. And have already been working on a metal shell behind the scenes.

Metal Shell Retroid Pocket 2S

Metal Shell Retroid Pocket 2S
Image Source: GoRetroid

At this point, I feel like I have been a broken record on repeat with all of the metal shell talk.

I absolutely love metal shell handheld consoles, and I think the entire Retro Dodo team would agree that there is a special place in our hearts for them.

Of course, plastic shell handhelds have their benefits as well. There is something nice about an emulation device that feels like a toy. It has a nostalgic feel, and lends itself to the whole fun of the experience.

But if you have had the pleasure of holding a metal shell handheld console, then you know that it is absolutely glorious. And you would likely agree it is the superior handheld experience.

The metal shell gives the device an ultra-premium feel. And it also makes it feel very durable. There’s just something very satisfying about it that makes you wish all of your devices were made from aluminum.

GoRetroid has had a busy schedule in the past year or so, and to be honest – we’ve loved all of their handhelds. But it would be no stretch to say that the Retroid Pocket 2S is their magnum opus. And the fans seem to agree with that sentiment.

So for GoRetroid to follow up the release of this incredible handheld with a metal shell option is just the perfect metallic icing on the cake.

Release Information

Metal Shell Retroid Pocket 2S
Image Source: GoRetroid

At this point, GoRetroid has only let the fans know that the metal shell Retroid Pocket 2S is “Coming soon”. So we do not yet have an exact release date or further details about what the release will look like.

The images shared feature a sleek gunmetal grey shell. And they made no mention of other colorways coming. If this were the only color option, we’d be totally okay with that. Because it looks stunning.

Source: GoRetroid Instagram

In a chart released by GoRetroid back in July, they did tease a metal shell model and only displayed one. So maybe this single colorway was always the plan.

We are anticipating them to offer the option to purchase only the metal shell with display already installed. So you can do the shell swap on your Pocket 2S that you already own. Much like how they did on the Retroid Pocket 3+ Metal Edition.

We think this is a smart way to give people a way to upgrade without having to buy a new device, so you won’t make your previous buyers angry.

Or, of course, you can buy it as a fully built unit with the metal shell for a premium price. Price would likely fall at around $129, which is a $30 premium like in the RP3+ metal edition.

Overall, we are pretty happy with GoRetroid as of late, and we are seeing them make some pretty great choices for their customers. This new metal shell is another step in the right direction for them, and we celebrate it.

Needless to say, we’re eager to hear more and we will certainly update our readers once more information is released.

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