Market Hunting For a Cheap Nintendo DSi

Have you finally decided to upgrade your DS or DS Lite to Nintendo DSi?

The DSi console boasts a thinner and lighter body but still durable enough to take places with you. This portable console also comes in a variety of colors you can choose from. Aside from that new features were added like two digital cameras, improved sound and speaker functionalities. It also features AAC playback, and built-in microphone.

Got wi-fi? Good, because you can use the DSi to browse the web and check out the Online Nintendo Store. You can even send pictures to friends who have a similar gadget.

The downside is, there is no Game Boy slot and battery life is reduced by about one to five hours. Still, this is a great gaming device with hundreds o games that would keep you busy for hours. You can play the games solo or against friends via wi-fi even if they are in another country. Don’t you think this is a gaming device you definitely must have?

If you’re looking for a cheap Nintendo DSi, online is the best place to start looking. Here, you will be able to choose from the various colors this portable handheld console comes with that are not always available in stores.

Online, you’re sure to find a seller willing to negotiate with interesting add-ins like bonus games. Try checking out eBay or Amazon and you’ll be surprised to find that there are items sold brand new in very affordable prices. You might even get free delivery.

Original Article by Jessie Statton