Mario Games Online – Stomping on the Critics Like the Goombas Mario Jumps On!

Goombas were those lovable pests of mushrooms that wandered around many a Mario level back in the day and drove you insane when you had to hit that jump button at light speed to avoid being bitten in the behind by it! They would appear in the worst of places and just never seemed to leave you alone.

Much like the critics of the entire Mario franchise, they claim that Mario is old and needs new touches. They claim that he will never be compared with the likes of newer games and will never outsell or even compare.

Claims put out by these critics will claim that Mario has never outsold any of these newer games and never will. Mario cannot outsell games if you simply compare the numbers from early console days to the numbers of today’s games. These games today have larger production runs, more money backing them and take less time to pump out and are priced higher.

The Mario series has withstood the test of time, and sometimes the critics will throw criticism at a subject when they know nothing about it, and it’s usually because they do not understand it at all.

Is There Any Way to Give Them a Crash Course in Mario-ology 101?

There are many ways that a person could learn or even experience the Mario phenomenon. You could research it on the Internet, you could purchase old consoles and games either locally or on the Internet, or you could just take a few moments, and search up a “Mario Fan Site” and browse around it!

What Does a Mario Fan Site Have?

Fan sites have original content based on the world and lore of Mario. Original content is constantly updated, produced and distributed through these sites. Fans trying to get someone familiar with Mario or old fans looking to reconnect with an old child hood friend would do best to look up one of these sites and just explore it.

Fan sites produce unique content that is not often seen on and of the big studio games. While critics would tell you these games are no good because the graphics are lousy and the game play is barely even retro, the game play is retro because that is what people enjoy. They enjoy a simply and fun trip down memory lane.

Original Article by Robert M Raymond