Mae Q’West and the Sign of the Stars Game Review

In my life I learned that horoscopes are not real and sometimes, they are merely coincidental. In the case of our protagonist in Mae Q’West and the Sign of the Stars though, her horoscope seems to speak her life’s major happenings. Well sometimes, the fortunes are still figuratively speaking, but I guess for a desperate woman like Mae, the Capricorn zodiac still gives her hope in this hidden object quest.

You see, Mae is a mother of two children and three years ago, she recalls Jack Q’West coming back home from an expedition to Alaska. Unfortunately, Jack’s boat sank and he was never found by the search parties. He was later proclaimed dead but good thing he left Mae and her children support for life. On the present day however, the horoscopes tell Mae that she is soon to find love once again, and thus, begins her quest in investigating about her husband’s mysterious disappearance.

There are two types of hidden object game plays you’ll have to play through in Mae Q’West and the Sign of the Stars. One is a traditional find-the-listed-objects and the other is a spot-the-difference type. On both game plays, your task is to find the level’s key item and meet the quota of found hidden objects in order to move on the story. But other than this, you can optionally clear other additional tasks too.

Each item you find rewards you some dollars when found but aside from money, you’ll have to collect stars too, and here’s where the additional tasks play their part. Money and stars are used to buy zodiac constellations which play as the trophy system for the game. If you go beyond the minimum requirements for each level, you’ll be sure to purchase all of the constellations in the game. Beware though, since every hint, miss-click or restart of the level will penalize you some hard-earned money instead of the common time penalty on most hidden object games.

Original Article by Ruff Bismonte