LEGO Has Exciting Mar10 Day Announcements Planned

Lego has announced that they have some exciting updates & reveals incoming on International Mario Day, which is March 10th aka MAR10 Day.

We have already heard about a new Mario Switch Bundle, as well as Nintendo’s plans to show us the final trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie on that day.

It’s hard to imagine that Nintendo themselves has much more ready to announce, since those two items are gonna be enough to keep them quite busy.

But it’s safe to say that we will see some third party announcements on March 10 to coincide with the excitement of the Mario Movie’s release in April.

Lego Mar10 Announcements

LEGO on Twitter

One such third party with big updates to let loose on March 10 is Lego.

They’ve already had a pretty wild xl-sized Bowser creation released recently. And Lego is no stranger to Mario crossover products. In fact, I’ve got a few myself.

Interesting to ponder what Lego might have up their sleeves to drop along with the Mario Movie.

Surely they wouldn’t produce a whole Youtube reveal if they do not have quite a few interesting things to show us on the 10th.

Obviously.. it will be something Mario related.

Perhaps a cool Lego version of the Mario and Luigi delivery van, as seen on the faux plumbing commercial dropped last month?

Maybe something Mario Kart related, since we know that some kart racing will appear in the film.

Whatever it is, we will be keeping our eyes and ears open, and credit cards in hand.

And come March 10th, we will surely be making a few posts on here to share the most exciting announcements.

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