How To Win Mission 23 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

Our first battle with Sturm, the dubious villain behind all of this Advance Wars trouble, was pretty easy (so easy that it doesn’t need a guide). But when it comes to figuring out how to win Mission 23 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp, you’ll need all the help you can get!

I found this battle more difficult than Mission 24, the Final Battle. The issue is Sturm’s Air Units, which are relentless, and in greater numbers when compared with yours. 

There’s also the additional hurdle of how much distance is between your HQ and Sturm’s – there’s a lot of ground to cover, with many enemies in between. 

But I’m nothing if not persistent. If you can’t stop until you’ve defeated Sturm and won Mission 23 either, then it’s time we partnered up!

How To Win Mission 23 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

To win Mission 23, use Sami. Andy might seem the more logical choice, but Sami’s Ground Units can cover more distance. Secondly, you need to capture the two neutral Bases and Seaport before the enemy does. 

The latter is tricky because Sturm’s forces are constantly hounding you from Day 1. 

You need to use your Transport Copter to take a Mech down to the farthest neutral Base, while your Lander transports two Infantry Units to the nearest beach. 

Infantry have greater movement than Mechs, allowing you to reach locations you need in a shorter amount of time. 

The T-Copter takes two moves to reach the Base. Make sure to position the T-Copter in front of the building so your Mech lands directly on top of it. You’ll end up sacrificing your Air Unit, but it’ll keep your Mech safe long enough to capture the base. 

Head for the Airport!

How To Win Mission 23 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp Airport

Once you’ve captured all these locations, it’s time to churn out those Units asap. I advise purchasing more Infantry so you can transport them, via your Lander, over to the island with the Airport. 

Capturing that isn’t a priority, but you still want to prevent Sturm’s men from getting it. If you can claim the Airport for yourselves, save those funds and get creating more Bombers and B-Copters. 

At the same time, you still need to move your remaining Units down the road from Orange Star HQ to block the enemy from advancing there. Basically, the more Cities you have, the better your funds, the stronger your army will become. 

Not once during this battle will Sturm use his CO Power. This is a godsend because his Meteor Strike is such a powerful move, damaging multiple Units at once. 

I can’t promise you an S-Rank, but if you use this guide you’ll be sure to win Mission 23 and finally unlock the last battle of the main game. 

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