How To Win Mission 19 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

The end is in sight. Just a few more missions and we’ll be facing the mastermind behind the insidious plot against Cosmo Land. With that in mind, are you ready to learn how to win Mission 19 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp? Of course you are!

We’re facing Drake again, only this time it’s Sami’s turn to face this master of the sea. 

Unlike in other battles where we’ve had to capture Cities, takedown every enemy, and survive a set number of days, in this fight we need to keep our Landers safe. If they’re sunk, it’s game over. 

Although that sounds simple, there’s Fog of War on the battlefield, alongside the might of Drake’s Naval Units – it’s a minefield. If you have what it takes to confront Drake for a second time, let’s get into those ships and ready the fleet.

How To Win Mission 19 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

The key to winning Mission 19 is to keep your Landers safe. To do this, send your Sub out ahead to search the area for enemies hiding in Fog of War. Once it’s safe, drop your Ground Units on the enemy beaches to capture the HQ.

The ideal path to victory is to use your Sub. However, your Recon is also great for clearing Fog of War, which you’ll need to help spot the concealed battleship in the lower right-hand corner. 

Move your Recon to the forest on the starting island, so that when the enemy Battleship moves into position, your other Units can easily target it. 

There’s also a Cruiser hiding on the left-hand side; use your Battleships to uncover it during Day 1. Cruisers are devastating against Subs, so take it out before it sinks you. 

Protect Your Landers!

You need to move your Landers out of harm’s way at all times before heading for enemy beaches. 

Take it slow. Seriously, you don’t want to rush this. Drake has plenty of Tanks, Medium Tanks, and Rockets waiting to destroy your Landers the move they’re in sight. 

The cleanest way to stay safe is to send your Units across, then move those Landers out to sea the next chance you get. If you’ve been using your Sub and Battleships wisely, you should be able to see some of the enemy’s attack ranges. 

How To Win Mission 19 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp enemy beaches

Storm The Beaches Safely

As for the ideal beach to storm, I’d aim for the one closest to Orange Star’s island, as well as the one in the upper right-hand corner. Going straight for the middle beach is a really bad move. Even with your Sub, you can’t see far enough to spot the dangers hidden around the enemy HQ.

Should your Landers get damaged, you can Join them together to counter the issue. However, that means you’ll be down to only one Lander, and thus closer to losing if you’re targeted. My advice is to keep the Landers separate. 

Oh, and both Landers need to survive this. If you lose one, you’ll need to start again – it’s brutal, but it’s war, after all. 

How To Win Mission 19 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp HQ captured

Slow and steady definitely wins the race here. In total, it took me almost 30 minutes to complete this, mainly because I kept getting caught out by hidden enemy Units. Hopefully by using this how to win Mission 19 in Advance Wars guide, you’ll be much quicker. 

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