How To Win Mission 18 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

When you face face Sonja again, you know all her tricks, this is why we’re skipping ahead to Mission 18. If you want to defeat Drake and learn how to win Mission 18 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp, don’t go anywhere. 

This mission is unique for two reasons: one, you get to fight Drake for the first time, and two, you choose the battle map. 

Unlike previous battles where the battle map remains the same regardless of Orange Star’s CO, in Mission 18 who you choose completely alters the mission. You can choose whoever you want, but for an easy win I’d advise using Andy.

If you play with Sami or Max, then this guide won’t be of much help because their mission objectives are very different to Andy’s. However, if you’re team Andy, then I can show you the way to victory.

How To Win Mission 18 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

To win Mission 18 you need to send your Landers to the middle and upper right-hand island, while your Ground Units head south to capture two more Cities. 

Basically, you want to capture territory in three separate locations, with your priority being the middle island. You just need to capture 12 locations to win.

It sounds easy, but Drake’s Squall CO Power inflicts -1 HP to all your Units. Consequently, you need to counter his damage by using Andy’s Hyper Repair after Drake uses Squall. Do this and you’ll repair any damage done, as well as +10 Firepower and Defence. 

When using Landers, don’t just load up with soldiers, make sure to take Tanks, Missiles, and Artillery as well. Drake will attack from all angles, and while your troops are needed for capturing Cities, they’re not going to last against enemy Tanks. 

Send in the Subs

To keep Drake at bay, use your Subs to take out enemy Landers to prevent them from reaching that middle island. 

Although your Naval Units are a godsend, Drake has the advantage thanks to his Naval expertise. To stay one step ahead, remember to use my 11 best Advance Wars beginner tips and check those attack ranges regularly. 

What is more, use your Bases to send out more Units as and when needed. However, keep in mind that while you can purchase more Ground Units, you can’t purchase more Naval Units

How To Win Mission 18 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp Drake defeated

Drake is a cunning enemy, especially on the water, but if you remember to keep a steady pace and capture those locations, you’ll soon send him packing! 

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