How To Win Mission 16 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

Unfortunately, Sonja isn’t done with us yet. We’ve still got to figure out how to win Mission 16 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp before we can proceed. 

If you thought learning how to win Mission 15 was unpleasant, you’re not going to like this battle one bit.

This time around, you’ll be facing Sonja with Sami. Sami’s strength lies in her foot soldiers, which is great for this battle because we need to capture more locations than Yellow Comet to be crowned the victor. 

However, while Sami’s soldiers are strong, her other Ground Units struggle, which is a problem because we’ve got to navigate water and Fog of War to win this. 

Tired of Sonja gaining the upper hand? Then let’s take back control and win Mission 16!

How To Win Mission 16 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

The trick to winning Mission 16 is to head for both neutral islands. Use your Subs to scout for danger, then send your loaded Landers with troops to capture locations. 

Our goal is to capture 16 locations. Sadly, Yellow Comet start with 10, while Orange Star only has 7.

Consequently, you must start capturing locations across both islands from Day 1. Focusing on just one island, or trying to capture the enemy HQ, will result in failure. 

Also, make sure to claim the Seaport on the lower island as quickly as possible.

Drop your troops from your Lander, then send one to the neutral Base, while the other Infantry captures the Seaport. Being able to deploy Naval Units from multiple locations will enhance both your defence and offence. 

How To Win Mission 16 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp subs

Your Subs are one of your best assets here, enabling you to scout the enemy without being detected (most of the time). They’ll clear Fog of War patches, and let you sneak attack the enemy’s Naval Units. 

Oh, and if you place a submerged Sub in a Seaport, even if it’s not yours, it’ll block the enemy from using it. Positioning Ground Units here will also help, but Subs can surprise the enemy more easily.

Another useful tip is to always have Units protecting territory you’ve already captured. If you’re lacking funds to do this, that’s another sign that you’re not capturing enough Cities; more locations equal more funds. 

How To Win Mission 16 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp both islands

You might end up cutting it close, but it doesn’t matter so long as you win!

Ready for the next battle? Make sure to check you’ve remembered each one of my 11 best Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp beginner tips beforehand. 

For anyone just starting out, my guide on how to win Mission 01 in Advance Wars will gently show you the ropes, and secure you an S Rank too. Not bad for your first battle!

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