How To Win Mission 09 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

These battles keep coming thick and fast. We’ve only just finished Mission 08, and we’re already having to learn how to win Mission 09 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp.

Mission 09 isn’t about the might of your Units, but how well you play the battlefield; you need to capture cities before the enemy does. 

Is it any wonder this franchise made it into our 70 best Gameboy Advance games of 2023? It has drama, strategy, quirky characters, and it steadily increases in difficulty – it has everything!

In this battle, the enemy has a head start, and if they capture more cities than you it’s game over. But with Blue Moon blazing ahead hope can we hope to win?

The secret is to use your Infantry and Mechs. If you’re curious to find out how to use them, it’s time to finally show you how to win Mission 09.

How To Win Mission 09 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

To win Mission 09, you need to send some of your Infantry across the mountains and into Blue Moon territory. Take back some of their cities and you’ll easily gain the advantage!

Of course, it isn’t going to be that simple. This is because the bridges will get congested with Tanks and Artillery, causing a bottleneck. Consequently, it’s difficult to reach enemy cities in time to capture them.

To avoid this issue, you need to stand foot soldiers up and across the map.

But remember, don’t leave your soldiers unprotected for long when they take a city. Make sure to send in other Ground Units, like your Medium Tanks, to keep them safe while they do their job. 

Another useful tip is to pick Max to lead this battle. Although Andy is great at mass repairing Units, Max offers increased damage when fighting head on, which is ideal for this fight. 

I only had to capture one enemy city to win Olaf. That being said, I had to hold my position at all the other cities to make sure enemy Infantry didn’t sneak in and gain the upper hand. 

Blizzard Battle is hard, mainly because you start with three cities and the enemy with six. Nevertheless, if you play it cool and get your forces to attack from several positions rather than one, you’ll beat Blue Moon. 

How To Win Mission 09 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp Olaf defeated

You might have discovered how to win Mission 09 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp, but there are stronger enemies to come. To prepare, check out my 11 best Advance Wars beginner tips. 

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