How To Win Mission 08 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

Remember learning how to win Mission 05 and beating Grit? Well, he’s back. Considering how tough he is, we need to discover how to win Mission 08 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp before he snipes us!

To make matters worse, Fog of War is covering the battlefield, meaning we can’t see where enemy Units are positioned. 

I know it doesn’t look good, but there’s a way to win this without suffering heavy casualties: send out your Recon to scout the area. You have two to use, though whether they survive is up to you…

If you want to keep your Recon going for as long as possible, and capture that enemy HQ, then you need to learn how to win Mission 08 right now. Seriously, chop, chop!

How To Win Mission 08 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

To win Mission 08, you need to send your Recon into the fog to extend your field of vision; use Forests to hide you. Then once enemies appear, check their attack range to ensure you’re safe from Grit’s Snipe Attack. 

How To Win Mission 08 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp attack range

Easy peasy, right? Well, it’s actually still hard going even if you advance very slowly across the board. 

You’re going to lose Units in this one, which seems to be a recurring theme once Advance Wars gets going. However, while losses will happen, you can easily get to the enemy HQ by sending your Infantry across the mountains. 

Following the road is a must for Tanks and other Ground Units, but your Infantry and Mechs can scale mountains with ease. If you do this, you’ll get to the HQ much faster than trying to follow the road. 

How To Win Mission 08 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp HQ

The hardest challenge to overcome in Mission 08, besides the fog, is knowing when Grit will use his CO Power. This is why you should check his CO Meter regularly, so you can move your Units out of harm’s way. 

Compared to Mission 06 and Eagle, this battlefield is a breeze. Still, Grit can beat you if you don’t take your time and utilise your Recon. And if you’re still stuck battling Eagle, don’t forget I have a how to win Mission 06 guide waiting for you.

Orange Star lives to fight another day, and just in the nick of time because we need to claw back some territory from Blue Moon STAT. Before you face Olaf again, don’t forget to use my 11 best Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp beginner tips! 

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