How To Win Mission 05 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

If you’re looking to learn how to win Mission 05 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp, then you’ve come to the right place! 

After defeating Olaf yet again in Mission 04, we watch on as the Blue Moon tyrant takes a backseat while a new foe takes aim at Orange Star.

That’s right, Grit is finally here. 

Grit doesn’t seem like too bad a guy in all honesty, but there’s no time to take it easy on him because his Snipe Attack CO Power is deadly. 

It’s not always easy to avoid, but with my handy tips on how to win Mission 05, you’re sure to see another day on the battlefield. And, fingers crossed, with most of your Units intact. 

How To Win Mission 05 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

To win Mission 05 and beat Grit, you need to utilise your Bases and purchase more Units as and when needed. Avoid Grit’s Snipe Attack by attacking indirect Units head on – if you’re up close, they can’t hurt you.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, the problem with Grit’s Snipe Attack is that it increases the attack range of indirect enemies by +2, and improves their attack by +65. Even direct enemy Units gain a slight boost; all in all, Grit is a scary opponent despite his charms.

How To Win Mission 05 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp Snipe Attack

Before you reach for that white flag, you have something Grit doesn’t: Bases.

Tanks, Infantry, Mechs, Artillery, even Missiles; these factories have all of them.

Okay, so they don’t have Battle Helicopters or Submarines, but you do have everything you need to win this fight!

However, these resources cost money. 

To ensure you gain maximum funds to churning out strong allies, capture as many cities as you can – the more cities you have, the better your income. I’d start by using your Infantry to cross the river and capture those four neutral cities.

While you do that, move your remaining troops along the road, taking out enemy Tanks and Artillery as you go. Hold your Artillery back and use your Tanks for a more direct assault.

However, don’t forget that you can’t fire upon Artillery directly unless you’re using Infantry or Mechs.

The Second Attack

Once you’ve destroyed the enemy Artillery, your next priority should be those enemy Rockets, just because of how much damage they can do if left unchallenged. 

No matter what you do, Grit will eliminate some of your Units. But thanks to your Bases, you can recoup your losses quite easily. 

If you’re not sure when Grit will use his power, check the CO Meter regularly, and if an enhanced attack is imminent, move your Units in for a direct attack (if you can), or retreat back to safety.

Although the goal is to capture the enemy HQ, if you handle the map like I’ve described, you’ll end up defeating all enemy Units before reaching it. Regardless of how you approach this battle, you now know how to win Mission 05 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp (the easy way). 

How To Win Mission 05 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp Grit is defeated

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