How To Win Mission 03 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

No, you’re not reading it wrong – this is a guide on how to win Mission 03 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp. 

The reason I’ve skipped Mission 02 is because Nell pretty much directs you to an instant win, so you definitely don’t need me for that one.

But Mission 03 Fog of War? That’s a much trickier road to victory.

As the name suggests, fog is covering large areas of the battlefield; if you’ve played Fire Emblem Engage or similar, you’ll know this type of battlefield well. 

Forests, concealed mountains, and unknown enemy Units all hide within the fog, attempting to overwhelm you at a moment’s notice.

Want to make sure that doesn’t happen? Then you need to learn how to win Mission 03 with me as your teacher. I’ll even get a purple suit like Nell if it helps. 

How to Win Mission 03 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

To win Mission 03, uncover the enemy Rockets early on, then avoid entering their attack areas while sending your Units forward. Scout the dark areas using your Recon, or by placing Infantry and Mechs atop mountains to improve their field of vision. 

You need to move across this map carefully at all times. Rockets can take out Units quickly, and while you’ve got your own, you want to avoid the enemy Rockets as best you can. 

How To Win Mission 03 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp enemy Rockets

Once you discover the enemy Rockets, use your Tank and Artillery to take them out. One Tank should take a Rocket’s HP down to 3, leaving your Artillery to finish it off. Alternatively, if you want to save your Artillery, send in another Tank or Medium Tank instead. 

It’s also wise to send the Recon out whenever you can, aiming for areas near or in darkness. However, try to avoid leaving them too vulnerable, or leading them into a trap. 

As always, I advise using spare Infantry to capture cities along the way, just to give you a better foothold on the battlefield. 

One Last Nasty Surprise

Once the enemy Rockets are gone, there’s only one more nasty surprise lurking in the fog: enemy Artillery on either side of the enemy HQ. 

I’ll be honest, I sacrificed my Recon at this point, while ensuring that I sent in all the tanks I had. Meanwhile, my Infantry and Mechs continued to advance towards the HQ, relatively unhindered by the enemy. 

Due to taking a hit from enemy fire, it took my Mech three turns to capture the HQ. Nevertheless, I won Olaf yet again and took back some more Orange Star territory. 

How To Win Mission 03 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp capture HQ

Having successfully learnt how to win Mission 03 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp, Nell, we declare you experienced enough to take on future missions alone. 

As scary as that sounds, she’s always in the background should you get into trouble. And when she’s not, you can use my best Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp beginner tips to guide you. 

Should you want to return to Mission 01 to improve your score and get more coins, use my how to win Mission 01 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp walkthrough to get that glorious S Rank!

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