How To Win Mission 01 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

Field training is over, and while Nell is sticking around to help you out, you’ll need to figure out how to win Mission 01 in Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp before Olaf wipes you out.

Compared to later missions, Mission 01 is pretty easy to win. However, if you don’t think your strategy through you can end up taking heavy losses thanks to that Medium Tank. 

To avoid severe damage, you need this guide. I can’t promise my way is the best, but it’s effective, and will score you that all important S Rank. That’s right, my tactics may not always be pretty, but they secure the sweetest of victories. 

Are you ready to win, win, win? Then let’s march!

How To Win Mission 01 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp

To win Mission 01, you need to capture Olaf’s HQ or take out the Medium Tank. Cross the bridge to capture the two neutral cities, whilst taking out the Tank, Artillery, and the Jeep. Then use a Tank to draw the Medium Tank to you, leaving the HQ open. 

Another perk of this route is that you can destroy the Medium Tank instead, thus ending the battle. 

That being said, do not enter the Medium Tanks attack range until you absolutely have to – if you face this Unit head on, especially with Infantry or Mechs, you’re toast. 

How To Win Mission 01 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp capture cities

Initially, you want to hold your Artillery back, avoiding enemy Artillery for as long as possible. In the meantime, take your Tanks across the bridge followed by your Infantry and Mechs. I left my Infantry to capture cities, while the Mechs aimed for the Medium Tank/HQ. 

Some of the enemy Infantry might counter your Mechs, but they’re no match for them. 

Towards the end of this fight, if you’ve followed my guide, it’ll be pretty much one Medium Tank against several Units; at this stage, it’s almost impossible for you to lose!

How To Win Mission 01 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp defeat Medium Tank

Just a little FYI: Nell will force you to use her Lucky Star CO Power whether you want to or not, so just roll with it. I don’t think it has a massive impact on the outcome of this battle, but it’s a nice introduction to what these abilities can do.

I won Mission 01 both ways (capturing the HQ and Medium Tank defeat), and think the Medium Tank strategy is the fastest. You’ll take out all the enemies on the way, ensuring total Orange Star domination. 

How To Win Mission 01 In Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp S Rank

Congratulations, you won! But before you celebrate, Olaf is already waiting for you in Mission 02 – you didn’t think he’d yield, did you? He might be licking his wounds, but he’s still fired up for war.

If you struggled with Mission 01 (it’s okay, there’s no shame), I’d like to direct you to my 11 best Advance Wars Re-Boot Camp beginner tips. They’re easy to follow, simple yet effective, and are always available when you need them most.

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