How To Unlock All Super Mario Bros Wonder Special World Entrances

If you’re the type of gamer that spends tonnes of time on each level checking each piece of background for a hidden secret, then you’ll need this guide on how to unlock all the Super Mario Bros Wonder Special World entrances.

The Super Mario Bros Special World entrances need to be found in order for you to access extra ‘hidden’ levels in the game.

This, therefore also means that finding these and accessing the levels are absolutely integral to securing that 100% completion.

While some of these Special World entrances crop up by simply wandering around the world map, some need a bit of searching for.

With this guide, we’ll reveal how to unlock all Super Mario Bros Wonder Special World entrances, giving their exact locations so you can quickly get to those additional levels and tick another part of the game off your list.

Nintendo sure like to set us tricky puzzles!

1. Pipe-Rock Plateau Special World Entrance

The first Special World entrance isn’t actually found on the world map initially but instead needs to be unlocked from within a level.

The level in question here is Bulrush Express, and you’ll need to locate the secret exit.

super mario bros wonder secret exits bulrush express 3

Secret exits can be hard to find so we’ve got a complete guide on all Super Mario Bros Wonder Secret Exit Locations, which includes the one required here.

Once you do utilize this exit, you’ll open up the propeller flower for W1 allowing access to this set of Special World levels.

2. Fluff Puff Peaks Special World Entrance

For the Fluff Puff Peaks Special World entrance, you won’t have to do anything particularly challenging.

Simply make your way through this world until you beat both Jump! Jump! Jump! and the following Spring Feet 1 Expert Badge Challenge.

super mario bros in fluff puff peaks

After you do wrap up both of these, just continue on the same path and the propeller flower will be right there.

3. Shining Falls Special World Entrance

The Shining Falls Special World entrance is a sneaky one that many will probably miss.

To access this one, you will have to complete this whole World and then return to the Royal Seed Mansion for a second time.

super mario in shining falls

If you go into this area, you will be told by the Poplin that another path will now be opened up for you to explore.

This is the secret entrance you’re after and is on the left hand side of the Mansion.

4. Sunbaked Desert Special World Entrance

The Sunbaked Desert Special World entrance is opened up in a similar way to that of Pipe-Rock Plateau with it requiring a special exit to be found.

To get this entrance, just search within the Secrets of Shova Mansion close to the end of the level.

super mario bros wonder secret exits secrets of shova mansion 2

Again, head over to our secret exits guide for all the information you need here!

This unlocks the Flight of the Bloomps and Expert Badge Challenge: Invisibility 1 levels as well as the aforementioned Special World entrance.

5. Fungi Mines Special World Entrance

If you’re after the Fungi Mines Special World entrance, again, akin to that of the Shining Falls entrance, it’s one that you would have likely never found how to to unlock.

This is because the method of doing so is through playing through the Operation Poplin Rescue level twice.

super mario in fungi mines

After you do this, the alternate path to the left will reveal itself, taking you to the required Special World entrance.

6. Deep Magma Bog Special World Entrance

The Deep Magma Bog Special World entrance is an extremely awkward one to open up.

For this one, head to the Where Rrrumbas Rule level and start making your way through it.

super mario bros wonder secret exits where rrrumbas rule 1

After completing, you’ll be able to go downward to more levels that lie in wait.

Once down there, repair the bridge as well as completing the Deep Magma Bog Flying Battleship level thus opening another downward path.

Go down once more where you’ll be met with a bunch of Expert Badge Challenges that need to be wrapped up and after, the Special World entrance will be waiting for you.

This is probably the most difficult one to unlock so don’t fret if it takes you some time.

7. Petal Isles Special World Entrance

You’ve done it, you’ve made it to the last Super Mario Bros Wonder Special World entrance – Petal Isles.

Thankfully, this one is far easier than that of the Deep Magma Bog as you’ll only have to clear one level.

The level required is Wiggler Race Spelunking!, and it’s just outside of the Deep Magma Bog entrance on the Petal Isles.

super mario on petal isles

Once you’ve completed this, it will make the connection back to W1 and subsequently open up the final Special World entrance.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Special World entrances on the whole aren’t too challenging to unlock, and you’ll get a few by simply playing the game.

However, as stated, there are some that are pretty hidden, and would likely miss them if you didn’t go back to levels you’ve already completed once.

For more help with Super Mario Bros Wonder, we’ve also got guides on how to get all Super Mario Bros Wonder Medals and the how to get the Sound Off? Badge in Super Mario Bros Wonder, getting you closer to that 100% completion

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