Head Along To One Of Wellington’s Many Festivals

If there is one thing that New Zealand’s capital city Wellington is known for, it is arts, culture and entertainment scene. Home to Te Papa Museum, Lord of the Rings and a number of annual festivals, the city has a reputation for being a cultural centre as well as the centre and capital city of the country.

Planning a visit? Make sure you check out one of the many festivals throughout the year and immerse yourself in Wellington’s vibrant world of arts.

World of Wearable Art

Perhaps the best known festival Wellington is home to, the World of Wearable Art Awards, is hosted in September/October every year. The World of Wearable Art museum itself is a tourist attraction that has been running since 2001, putting wearable art and classic cars on display for the public throughout the year.

The awards are a big deal and see a lot of media attention from around the country with tickets selling out weeks beforehand. Some of the best top and upcoming New Zealand designers have work featured at the awards and it’s an incredible few weeks of limelight for the country’s fashion industry; there’s plenty of innovation and creativity to be seen.

Artists’ Film Festival

The Artists’ Film Festival is an international collaboration between a number of institutions that features in venues throughout the world. Wellington hosts the New Zealand venue every year from October to February. Work from artists in each of the participating countries is shown, making the Artists’ Film Festival an impressive collection of contemporary international cinema.

Because it runs at the City Gallery for so many months, there is ample opportunity for you to check out some local and international features during your visit.

Arcade: Homegrown Video Games

A new festival that’s just starting, Arcade plans to celebrate local innovation and creativity in the video game industry. Impressive tech demos and visual art is on display from November to March at the Dowse Art Museum – Arcade is one of the few festivals with a focus on this type of media in the country. There are plenty of talented designers and developers in New Zealand finally getting the chance to show off the work behind the games they make.

Head along to one of Wellington’s many festivals during your stay and enjoy a mix of local and international culture. They are entertaining, educational and a whole lot of fun.

Original Article by Maria Mouroukis