Google’s 8 Awesome Free Cartoon Logos That Caused Sensation Over Media

There is no doubt about the sensation that Google doodle causes all over the world.

Maybe it’s their way to pay homage to the legends of the world, maybe it just serves to attract traffic to their search engine or maybe they are only trying to make up for lack of an interesting brand mark; either way their free cartoon logos for the day make quite a stir.

Let’s have a look at some of the famous Google doodles that have caused sensation over media:

1. Les Paul 96th birthday- June 9, 2011:

The logo for guitar legend Les Paul’s birthday was so popular that it was extended for another day. The interactive digital guitar could be played with mouse clicks. The recording option in the emblem made it one of the best symbols of the year.

2. Edvard Munch’s birthday – December 12, 2006:

To mark the birthday of this famous Norwegian painter, homage was paid to him by using his famous painting ‘the scream’. The shades of orange, brown, blue and red and the slightly blurry effect of the text made this monogram more appealing and eye catching than the usual white base of the website.

3. Martha Graham’s Birthday – May 11, 2011:

To celebrate the 117th birthday of this famous American dancer and choreographer, an animated design was created that featured all the different characters she had played on stage throughout her life.

4. Total Lunar Eclipse – June 15, 2011:

If you missed the real lunar eclipse, the doodle for the day gave you a glimpse of it. To celebrate the most beautiful and longest lunar eclipse of the decade, this symbol demonstrated the entire transformation of the colors and sighting of the moon making the emblem as popular as the event.

5. The Flintstones’ 50th Anniversary – September 30, 2010:

For the most popular Stone Age based cartoon show, they created the entire setting of the day by taking us to a visit to Bedrock. You can view all the characters of the show, from the Flintstone and Rubble family to their household pets in the image.

6. Agatha Christie’s Birthday – September 15, 2010:

For the 120th birthday of the queen of crime fiction, an elaborate scene from one of her novels was set on the home page of this renowned search engine. Each letter was illustrated to depict a famous fictional character from her novels.

7. PAC-MAN’s 30th Anniversary – May 21, 2010:

This was the first time Google had changed its design to a playable emblem which made this arcade game even more popular than it already was. The game could be controlled by the arrow keys and mouse clicks. The black background with blue, red and yellow colored dots and lines added to its appeal.

8. San Diego Comic-Con ’09 – July 23, 2009:

DC Comics’ Jim Lee created this Batman cartoon logo for Google to celebrate the comic convention 2009. Just as the convention encourages all comic book fans and writers, the emblem did the same. You can see characters like Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Batman, Robin and Plastic Man adorning the page.

Google has found a really interesting way to keep the audience engaged. The anticipation of the next celebratory emblem will always keep us on the edge of our seats.

Original Article by Beverly Houston