GO SEGA 60th Anniversary and the Sega Dude

I don’t recall how I found out but I stumbled upon an invitation from SEGA to write a message from me to SEGA commemorating SEGA’s 60th anniversary.

The invitation went something like this:

“Please submit a message in commemoration of SEGA’s 60th anniversary!
The message you send will be displayed on this site.
You can also send a picture together with the message.” – SEGA


It felt like something fun to do. And who doesn’t love celebrating SEGA?!

Below you can see me the ‘Sega Dude’ in all my glory and my somewhat uninspired yet sincere message to SEGA.


According to Google Translate さん means Mr.

I am being too hopeful that SEGA has officially coined me Mr. SEGA Dude?


When I wrote my message I didn’t know what to expect from the gift which was described as “chalk bag engraved with SEGA’s 60th anniversary key message, “GO SEGA”&”SONIC”‘.

To me a chalk bag is something that holds powered chalk used to coat your hands for weight lifting or rock climbing.

Turns out the chalk bag is a purse for a few small essentials. I tried cramming some Mega Drive carts into the pouch but it is not ideal.

What I also didn’t realize is that there would be only 60 of these hand made Chalk Bag given away to fans.

Here are the Marketing photos:

With my chalk bag SEGA also included the following letter.

What stood out as interesting to me is SEGA is asking that I never sell or trade this gift.

So I managed to stumbled into a very unique Sega Collectible.

Thank you SEGA! Here’s hoping for another amazing 60 Years!

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