Games For Kids to Play – Are Your Kids Addicted to Video Games?

We, as parents, understand that this is inevitable and all we can do is to enforce ground rules and make sure that our kids play age appropriate games. If rules are enforced and game selection is endorsed by adult guardians the better we feel about it and can actually control when and what our kids play.

Do you play video and online games yourself? People of all ages are playing games, actually the average age of a gamer is 33 and apparently a 33 year old player is not interested in Scooby Doo games. So looking at a game page how would you determine the ones that intended for kids?

First thing you need to do is to carefully read the description on a package. Game content is described in detail on the back of every game box. Make sure you check a game rating on a game’s package. The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is an organization that assigns the ratings that appear on the front and back of every game available for purchase or rental. You have to get familiar with rating symbols and understand what they mean.

A complete list of ESRB ratings, content descriptions and their definitions are available at, where you can also search for a particular game’s rating before going to the store.

Secondly younger kids are often asking for games that intended for teens, You have to stand your ground and be firm. By saying “no” you are actually enforcing the rules and buy yourself a piece of mind. Unless you know the game inside out and play a particular game intended for teens yourself it is better not to take the risk.

You also need to consider your child’s personality and abilities. Go beyond the ratings and read game reviews available online and game magazines, download game demo or rent it for free with online game rental stores. Get involved and play along with your child so you are well aware of his or her interests. Talk to other parents and see what they have to say about a particular game or their kids game habits in general. Join online game forum and post your questions about particular games. The more you’d get involved the more chances are that your child plays safe.

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