Final Vendetta, Brand-New Arcade Beat ’Em Up from Bitmap Bureau

Legendary developers behind Xeno Crisis and Battle Axe turn their hand to an iconic arcade genre. Final Vendetta, the latest game from Bitmap Bureau, is coming to PC and consoles in May 2022.

Final Vendetta is a side-scrolling beat ‘em up, paying homage to the iconic arcade titles of the 80’s and 90’s such as Double Dragon and Final Fight. Playable either in solo or co-op mode, Final Vendetta pulls no punches, with a unique story, four different game modes and a thumping dance/techno soundtrack by Featurecast which also features four exclusive tracks from 90’s chart-topping electronic dance duo, Utah Saints.

Developed by Bitmap Bureau, the legendary development team behind retro-inspired classics Xeno Crisis and Battle Axe, the game captures everything the Bitmap Bureau team are known for – beautifully animated pixel art, unique exciting gameplay and a modern take of a beloved retro genre.

Numskull Games will release Final Vendetta digitally on all platforms including Steam and Xbox with physical editions being available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, there will also be a limited run of Special Editions, featuring exclusive merch.

“We’re thrilled to be publishing Final Vendetta, another brilliant retro-inspired title from the Bitmap Bureau team” said Martin Defries, Managing Director at Numskull Games. “It’s been twenty years since we’ve seen a game like this, combining everything we love about those 90s classics with a distinctly modern style. Beat ‘em up fans will not be disappointed.”

More information will be revealed soon. Follow @NumskullGames on Twitter for the latest updates – retailer links will be made available on the Numskull Games website closer to the release date.

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