Fallout 3 – Nova

Nova is a character that appears in the video games Fallout 3. Nova is the only character of her kind in any of the Fallout series. Nova was born in the year 2252, lives in the Capital Wasteland, in Megaton. In line with the grim, gritty realism of the game, she is a local prostitute, and works at Moriarty’s Saloon. She can be identified as having short, brown/ginger hair, and wearing a grey blazer.

There has been a debate over whether sex is included in any part of the game, and Nova is the closest you can get to that. If you pay her 120 Bottle caps (the game’s currency) you can acquire her services and a room to rent. However, renting a room and sleeping is all that occurs in this sequence. After you pay her for her services, she heads straight up to the room, gets into the bed and falls straight asleep. You can try to speak to her after this, and she’ll engage you in some basic dialogue, but nothing more.

Nova’s story is one of tragedy – she frequently speaks of leaving Megaton and starting a new life, but she is indebted to the owner of her workplace, so she cannot leave. This is an example of some of the adult/mature themes that Fallout 3 goes into, and the Nova character is no different. However, during the game, if Moriarty is killed, Nova does get her wish, and manages to leave her job. She proceeds to take over the pub, and starts seeing a character named Gob. There is a lot of extra dialogue that can be found all over the game that includes Nova, and where you can get a better idea of her back story.

Original Article by David J P Smith