Extra Life – Gaming Event in aid of Cancer Research

Words by Barry Morse of ‘The Retro Shed’

“Extra Life” we have all seen those words many times as gamers and got excited at the prospect of spending a few more minutes in the world of the game we spent our parents hard earned coins in. It’s only when we’ve grown older that we truly appreciate what those words mean. If only it were as easy to extend lives in the real world.

Many of us have been touched by cancer and witnessed loved ones, family members and friends fall victims to this dreadful disease. Just before Christmas we lost a close family member also heard the news about another friend’s diagnosis. This got some of us thinking – what can we do to help and Extra Life was born.

Extra Life is a 24 hour retro gaming event that was created as a means to get gamers together, all under one roof and raise money for charity. It is taking place on 28th and 29th April 2022 from 11:00am to 11:00am at one of the UK’s best retro gaming video arcades – Arcade Club, in Bury. 24 hours of video games, banter, food, competitions and some live streaming. From Pac Man to Donkey Kong, Time Crisis to Ridge Racer – there will be something for everyone.

Tickets are £35 each and this is for the full 24 hours or as long as you want. You don’t need to stay for the full duration if you don’t want to. All available from: https://www.manamerch.co.uk/pages/extra-life

Join us and lets hit cancer where it hurts.

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