Europe’s Bitter Roots

As prophesied, there were four Gentile superpowers: Babylon, the Medes and Persians, Greco-Macedonian, and Rome (Dan. 2:31-45). These are the roots Europe would do well to research.

Nebuchadnezzar, the first leader in this series of human governments, had a most impressive and perplexing dream. This was no normal dream or fanciful flight of imagination – it was a prophetic message from God.

But none of the king’s priests or pagan magicians could tell him what was going on. They didn’t have a clue or represent God. Since “Neb” saw they were on the payroll for nothing, just wasting his time and taking up space, he sentenced them to death. They stood exposed as worthless charlatans, left shaking in their boots. But God saved the day and spared them all.

God intervened for Daniel, a prisoner in the palace, and used him to clarify what the nightmare meant. This Jewish ambassador disclaimed any extraordinary credentials, but attributed His God-given understanding to Israel’s God. He testified before the king and court, that the Most High God far transcends the pagan superstitions. He then proceeded to offer the inspired explanation.

The king had seen this monstrous statue of a man, with different body parts composed of different materials. Daniel interpreted the “members” as representative of successive governments. Each kingdom would have its own characteristics and reflect the disposition of their ruler. Different men are made of different mettle. Each emperor would leave his imprint on history. Just as the huge statue had two legs, coming down in time sequence to mankind’s last throes of misrule, the original Roman empire was broken in two – between east and west. Power was split between Rome and Constantinople.

After Rome fell (in 476), it’s spirit was determined to transform itself ten times, seven under the Catholic Church’s influence. The three former entities of the Germanic tribes (the Ostrogoths, Vandals, and Heruli) embodied the Roman form of government, but they were Arian kings – not Catholic or Italian (Dan. 8:24). Justinian’s “Imperial Restoration,” in AD 554, healed Rome’s “deadly wound” inflicted by these barbarian invaders (Rev. 13:3), and exorcised Italy of her foreign occupation. It lasted, as foretold, for 1260 years.

In AD 800, Charlemagne was crowned as imperator Romanorum, an “heir” to the Western Roman Empire. He was truly considered the “King Father of Europe.” It was this Christian Caesar who firmly established the “ideal” of a unified Christian Empire in Europe’s heart and mind.

In 962, Otto the Great’s “Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation” conjured up images of Charlemagne’s Empire. Germany became the new power center, the heart and core, of the Roman Empire. After all, it was their kings, throughout the Middle Ages, who held a steel grip on the imperial title. They were the “Protector of Europe.”

In the early 1500’s, Charles V dedicated himself to reconstruct the Gothic style of Church-State union. He wanted to bring back (from the dead) a coalition of nations that would keep their own identity, but share a common faith. Although his project didn’t get off the ground, or his dream house materialize, its grand design stirred the imaginations of others.

Dr. Habsburg, his descendant, has predicted: “Our generation will find its historical inspiration in the concepts last embodied in the person, mind and political views of Charles V…. Inasmuch as he represents an eternal ideal, the Emperor (Charles V)… is still living among us – not only as our European ancestor, but as a guide towards the centuries to come.” Can’t you feel his “presence” in the pope’s plea for Europe to “rediscover” their roots?

Napoleon considered himself Caesar’s heir apparent. Early on, during a pilgrimage to Charlemagne’s tomb, he intoned: “There will be no peace in Europe until the whole Continent is under one suzerain, an Emperor whose chief officers are kings, whose generals have become monarchs.”

This vision for European unity and peace is being seen again. Did Napoleon have a sneak preview? Later, unable to achieve his grand design, he bemoaned: “I wanted to found a European system, a European code of laws, a European judiciary. There would have been but one people throughout Europe.”

Mussolini fantasized about a modern version of the Roman Empire. To fulfill it, he began his venture by enlisting the Vatican. After he restored Italy’s honor by defeating Ethiopia, he declared it a “Roman triumph” and proclaimed “the reappearance of the empire on the fated hills of Rome.” His almost non-existent empire was Rome’s sixth prophesied resurrection. (Rev. 17:11).

In October 1936, the “Berlin-Rome Axis” sealed Italy’s fate with that of Germany’s Third Reich. Hitler (also in possession of a concordat with the Vatican) saw himself as destined to lead a great Germanic Empire. His mountain fortress in Obersalzberg afforded him a magnificent view of the Untersberg. Within that mountain, legend whispered, Charlemagne still slept – waiting for his day to rise again and restore Germany’s glory! The Fuehrer would point out to visitors; “It is no accident that I have my residence opposite it.” The restless Roman spirit refuses to die!

We’ve come to the end of the road: EUROPE’S FINAL ARRANGEMENT IS TAKING PLACE NOW! And all prompted by the pope and eager politicians! The ten toes of Nebuchadnezzar’s image, referring to 10 kings, correspond to this carbon copy of the “Holy Roman Empire.” It’ll include rich and poor countries, and be made up of both strong and weak elements, but they won’t stay together for long (Dan. 2:43). They don’t share the right chemistry.

Rome’s dream will become our nightmare! This seventh resurrection will be responsible for the nuclear fires prophesied to sear the earth (Isa. 24:6)! It’s campaign promises of peace and security, will quickly be broken. EUROPE’S PREPARING FOR WAR! Europe’s last trump is near! They’ll attempt to fight Christ at His coming, but they’re fighting for a lost cause (Rev. 17:12-14). Jesus will lead a brilliant campaign (Hab. 3:11) to break up the Gentile monopoly on world government.

Christ’s lightning strike will be a smashing success! He’ll take over the reigns of human governments and rule supreme (Rev. 11:15). Israel (all Twelve Tribes) will be restored as the superpower.

The Gentile authorities will pay tribute to our God and King, and acknowledge Israel as God’s instrument. At that time, they’ll realize an evil spirit had led them and that Rome was his capital of confusion. It’ll be destroyed, never to rise again. BABYLON IS FALLEN! BABYLON IS FALLEN! (Rev. 18:2)

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