Elven Mists by Intenium

Elven Mists by Intenium is one of the Tetris like fun game with a storyline almost 11 chapters long , as many as 92 levels and helpful bonuses as well. Elvenland is under a thick cover of slumber and your job is to save the trapped inhabitants.

As prognosticated by the weather forecaster, a thick fog that would spread over the entire place, poses a great threat to the inhabitants of Elvenland. The prediction turns out to be true and now the land lies in deep dormancy. Roll up your sleeves as this one is not going to be an easy one. You will really have to hold your breath and use your brain to get over this.

Other features that are a part of this popular Tetris like game are soothing graphics, a great mix of music and a catchy play mechanic. Like many other online games, this one too has two different play modes namely: Relaxed/Untimed and Arcade/Timed. Arcade mode is more fun than the relaxed mode. However, either of them does not really matter, as you will be moving around a style map trying to get through individual plots or examining additional squares as you overcome challenges.

It actually is that sort of a game which would be liked by all age groups and genders. You will encounter shimmering and glittering pixies flying onto the board lie close and snug the blossoms. To know how, read on.

Simply lay down pieces of varying shape and size, which look similar to Tetris blocks, in such a manner as to cover the squares on which they’re located, while also connecting two magical portals. On pressing a left click would place and a right click would rotate the blocks. Observe that the blocks will gradually disappear while the pixies fly free in the middle of a faerie dust.

Each shape boasts different coloring and the squares used to form a block cannot overlap over one another. Thus make sure that pathways are created only of similarly-hued shapes. The only hint which you can use before taking any decision is to check on the upcoming shapes and there color. These shapes follow a haphazard pattern so do not expect much out of them or depend on their sequence. The most important catch here is the fact that you have limited space to work with because of the rocks and other obstacles.

Trick: Try to make connections which are useful. You’ll have to really put on your thinking cap here.

Ultimately again it is upon you to decide the pace of your game play and the strategy you want to follow i.e. you may either choose to play slow or stretch across the playfield etc. Either you will find your clothes soaked up with sweat or your brows crumpled during the game play. 92 levels and just 5 chances are too less and disproportionate. There is a possibility of sacrificing a life to skip any particular level as well but I don’t think that it really helps. Additionally, there are stones or obstacles which burn down when adjacent squares are used to form a successful link.

To keep things hopping, the presence of various bonus items, which randomly appear for a limited time and can be collected by placing a block over them. They can act as life savers when you are really stuck at a point. It’s not a kid’s game that would be completed easily. With that many number of levels and a decent difficulty level, even a genius would need several attempts before finally flagging himself a conqueror.

Original Article by Robert M Warren