Doom Year Zero Release Date, Rumours, & Speculations

We love a good leak here at Retro Dodo, and the upcoming news about Doom Year Zero has us reaching for our BFG 9000 and getting ready to jump back into action!

A recent FTC vs Microsoft leak discovered on Twitter, has given us a schedule of things that Microsoft is looking to release throughout the rest of 2023 and 2024, and Doom Year Zero is firmly there on the list!

We’ve been keeping tabs on the new Doom game for a while now, scouring the internet to discover what this new game could be like and picking up fan theories and speculations from the community.

And while there’s not a lot of information out there, we’ve compiled what we know all in one place for you below!

So, it’s time to stop being all doom and gloom about not having a Doom game in your live and get excited about stepping back into hell once more!

Everything We Know About Doom Year Zero So Far

What we know about the new Doom game

One thing we know thanks to the new Microsoft leak is that Doom Year Zero is on its way. So don’t worry, that’s a cold hard fact that what we can all use to calm ourselves down a little at night.

A leaked document from FTC vs Microsoft shows that we’re going to be seeing Doom Year Zero and an accompanying DLC very soon, and everyone at Retro Dodo Towers is insanely excited to see Doom as part of the leaked titles dropping incredibly soon.

That’s right; we already know that we’re getting DLC for the game too, so technically this game is already the gift that is set to keep on giving!

The Dark Lord has been slain at the end of Doom Eternal, but something didn’t feel right about the connection that the Slayer shared with him. Something makes me think that it’s not completely severed just yet!

But apart from that, this new Doom game is shrouded in mystery. Only time will tell what’s coming next, and if the leaked release date is anything to go by, then we won’t have to wait long to find out!

What Can We Expect From Doom Year Zero Gameplay?

Doom Year Zero is set to bring more insane weapons, tough scrapes to escape from, and gameplay that you wouldn’t want to witness while eating your tea.

Mangled demons, multiplayer action, and the ability to play as the forces of good or hell are sure to make a comeback, as is the BFG.

It wouldn’t be a Doom game without a new Big ‘Effin Gun now, would it?

We’re not expecting gameplay to differ much from the original tried and tested format, but we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a boost in difficulty with a more ‘Returnal’ feel about some of the levels, if not a mode that can be toggled on or off to make things tougher for hardcore players.

The Main Rumours About Doom Year Zero

The Main Rumours About Doom Year Zero

One of the main Doom Year Zero rumours is that this could actually be a title set before all of the other Doom games. That would basically mean prelude to the original Doom and a story of how Doom Guy came to be such a bad-lad slayer.

Another rumour that we’ve come across is that Year Zero could wipe the slate clean after the end of Eternal, with ‘Year Zero’ being the start of a brand new age of ‘Doomdom’ and new challenges to face, kind of like Mortal Kombat has done with ‘Mortal Kombat 1’.

That would mean that we’d have a whole new cast of evil demons and devils to take down, or maybe new entities to destroy all together! And if we’re honest, this is the one that we’re leaning towards the most.

Of course, all of this is purely speculation that we’ve picked up from scouring forums and picked up from our travels through the internet. As of yet, id Software has kept their cards pretty close to their chests, but we’ll be updating this section as and when we find out more news!

Which Consoles Will Doom Year Zero Be Released On?

Which Consoles Will Doom Year Zero Be Released On?

Doom Year Zero is initially going to be releasing solely on Xbox Series X/S.

id Software, the makers of Doom, are part Bethesda’s parent company. And as Microsoft now own Bethesda, then it’s pretty safe to assume that, like Fallout 3 Remastered, the next Doom game is going to be an Xbox exclusive.

Yet another reason for non-Xbox users to grab the latest console, and you discover whether the Series X or the S is for you in ouour where to buy all Xbox consoles article!

Like the Silent Hill 2 Remake, we’re expecting Doom Year Zero to drop on Steam after an undisclosed amount of time.

When Will Doom Year Zero Be Released?

According to the latest Microsoft leak, the new Doom game ‘Doom Year Zero’ is set for release at the end of 2023, marking a Winter release. The leak also suggest that we’ll be receiving a DLC in 2024.

Obviously we haven’t had any information with regards to trailers or promo art to back this up, but more and more companies are dropping games at the same time as announcing these days. We’ve seen it before in the Nintendo Directs and also with Hi-Fi Rush on the Xbox Series X/S.

So, it’s not implausible for Doom Year Zero to follow the same pattern.

My opinion, however, is that it’s likely that the new Doom game is going to be pushed back a year to give time for marketing to ramp up the press.

Still, I’m more than happy to be proven wrong!

What Is Doom?

Doom encompasses a series of games featuring the legendary Doomguy, sometimes now known as Doom Slayer. They are FPS games where players have to move through levels dispatching swarms of demons.

Doom games are known for their demonic enemies, massive weapons, and players sitting on the very edge of their seats while gripping their controllers incredibly tightly. They’re certainly not for the faint of heart!

How Many Doom Games Are There?

There are currently 7 Doom games available for multiple consoles, with the first Doom game dropping in 1993 and the latest game releasing in 2020.

Doom Year Zero would mark the 8th game in the series.

Can I Play Doom On PS5?

Doom Year Zero is set to come out solely on Xbox Series X/S, so you’ll need to buy one of Microsoft’s newest consoles if you’re hoping to head back on an adventure with Doomguy!

When Will Doom Year Zero Come Out?

Sources claim that it’s likely we’ll see Doom Year Zero by the end of 2023.

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