Data East Corporation was a Japanese video game developer and publisher that was active from 1976 to 2003. The company was known for creating arcade games, as well as developing titles for various home consoles and computer systems.

Data East developed and published games across different genres, including action, platformers, sports, fighting, and puzzle games. The company gained popularity during the 1980s and 1990s with a number of successful titles. Here are some notable games and franchises associated with Data East:

  1. BurgerTime: A classic arcade game where players control a chef named Peter Pepper and try to assemble hamburgers while avoiding enemies. BurgerTime became a popular and influential title during the golden age of arcade gaming.
  2. Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja: An arcade beat ’em up game where players take on the role of either Blade or Striker to rescue the President from ninjas. The game’s catchy phrase “I’m Bad!” became well-known.
  3. Karnov: A platform game featuring the character Jinborov Karnovski, also known as Karnov. Players guide Karnov through various levels, battling enemies and collecting power-ups.
  4. Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja: A cooperative platformer where players control cavemen named Joe and Mac as they battle through prehistoric landscapes to rescue kidnapped cavegirls.
  5. Magical Drop: A puzzle game series known for its colorful graphics and addictive gameplay. Players clear lines of colored balls by matching them and creating chain reactions.
  6. Midnight Resistance: A side-scrolling shoot ’em up game with a unique dual joystick control scheme. Players navigate through levels, blasting enemies and rescuing hostages.
  7. Windjammers: A fast-paced sports arcade game that combines frisbee and air hockey elements. Players compete in a futuristic, disc-throwing competition.
  8. Captain America and The Avengers: An arcade beat ’em up game featuring Marvel Comics’ iconic superhero team. Players can choose to play as Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, or Vision.

These are just a few examples of Data East’s notable games and franchises. The company had a diverse catalog of titles across various platforms, and its games left a mark on the arcade and home gaming scenes of the time.